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User manual BL: Szeged-Skjern – NSO


Mol-Pick Szeged-Skjern Handbold Match the Handball Champions League, where Zegd wins, can take a big step towards securing a takeover. Follow the events of the game with a text message updated all of our time, say it, tell us your opinion.

Royal Law
Sheet, 8 cents
Group B

Mol-Pick Szeged-Skjern HB (Danish) 14-15 (14-15)
Szeged, City Sports Hall, 3500 Landscapes. V: Brunner, Salah (Switzerland)


30 minutes: The last attack on Szegeds, eventually Sustrick hits the goal, to recover his previous mistake, 14-15!

30 minutes: Without a goalie, we are attacked by two stations, Sostaric rolls out of the wind, but Nielsen fights with a big brvura. Tangen shot at his side on the other side.

29 minutes: In Jakobsen also his second exhibition, Bodó scrapers. This is a great continuation because it is a column of Danish defense.

29 minutes: Along with Rodriguez, Jay Konradson fought on seven and two-minute exhibitions. For the seventeenth time by Söndergaard, 13-15.

28 minutes: Mogensen's shot hit him, although with Alilovic, 12-14. Gvir Season: 13-14

27 minutes: Canellas passes, Balogh's good goal goal goal 12-13.

27 minutes: Suddenly the mood was very energetic, no problem, if the moods were a little shabby.

27 minutes: Danny timeout.

26 minutes into the game: They lost the thread to the Swiss judges somewhat, but then it turned out that they had exploded on a blog post, then kicked Mogansen for two minutes. The ball stayed in the Danes.

After 25 minutes Game: Alilovic defeated the chipmunks, Källman dropped the flop on the empty goal, but the judges marked a Danish goal instead of one Danish that Söndergaard replaced, 11-13.

24 minutes After playing the Canelas Bar was judged by the judges, the audience did not like it, a Danish attack.

23 minutes: The exhibition of Mogensen, which Meicelsen "celebrates" 11-12.

22 minutes: With luck hit by Källman 11-11!

22 minutes: Grebenc is on the court for the first time, even throws his first goal … 10-11!

21 minutes: At the end of Szeged's explosive attack at the end of the attack, the Danes may arrive without a doorman.

20 minutes: Stenbäcken has a yellow, limp bad joke from Balog, Szeged Kick-Free, Thanks. And indeed, two more minutes for the Danes, Mogensen does not understand. He got it for the stalker.

19 minutes: Söndergaard has not yet been deciphered, but again, 10-10.

19 minutes: Zsolt Balogh also signed the scorer, 10-9!

18 minutes: Alilovic was great to defend the invasion of Jakobsen, but in vain, yellow Canellas, and 7 for the Danes. Söndergaard folds, 9-9.

17 minutes: Tangen shot at him, not Bodo, 9-8!

17 minutes: Gvir fought a week, Sigmermanson scored a goal, 8-8!

16 minutes: Söndergaard is difficult to maintain so far, again from the wind, 7-8!

16 minutes: Bodou from the wind, enters, 7.7

15 minutes: Szeged timeout, homeowners fell six goals, five minutes are not successful, while the guests threw three in the row.

14 minutes Zsitnyikov's shot was blocked by the Danes, and at the end of his attack Söndergaard is cut off from the wind, 6-7.

14 minutes Mikkelsen looks down at the wall and slams him, 6-6.

13 minutes: Bombak shoots at his feet hard, and in the end the Opposition in Anahidi is thrown for two minutes.

13 minutes: At the end of a long figure, Tangen shot at his side and did not compare.

12 minutes: At the end a large Hungarian figure Zsitnyikov shot a big target, then in Anheidi wounded.

12 minutes: On the other hand, Bush was fired for a week by the Danes, Söndergaard threw him away, 6-5.

11. you In your mammal, your nail, Jakobsent, was scattered for two minutes at seven.

10 minutes: After Jakobsen's goal, Sigurmannsson returned from a successful seventh consecutive, this time Bánhidi fought, 6.4.

10 minutes: Invasion of the badback is not good, the Danes can come.

10 minutes: The game is about to be canceled and attacked by Szeged.

9 minutes: Mikkelsen gets the third goal of Denmark, 5.3.

8 minutes Again without a guard, the Danes are attacked by humans. After protecting Alilovic, Sostaric turns his six and the ball is empty. Too bad.

8 minutes In the first week awarded Szeged, Sigurmannsson does not hurt, 5-2!

7 minutes: The book Conradson embellishes, 4-2!

6 minutes: Källman returns the Bombac loan, 3-1. The Danish was defeated with an empty goal, but after another good ball possession, Makeda was fourth to win, 4-1!

5 minutes: There was equality, Sustrick burst out of the wind, 1-1! Indeed, after meeting with Bomback, Kellman will bet, 2-1!

4 minutes: Jakobsen gets the first goal of the game after a beautiful figure, 0-1.

3 minutes: Bánhidi and Blazevic have a good Hungarian defense.

2. Minute: Warning on the other side, then Macqueda shoots a huge gate.

1. Minute After half a minute, Källman should be warned. Passively directly by the Danes, Alilovic protects Mogensen's shot.

1. Minute Guests start at the gate of Szeged Alilovic, and guests are protected by Nielsen.

17.00: Start at moments!

16:59: The house is clean in blue, the guests are going to play in green tops and white tops.

16:57: The BL anthem is spoken.

16:55: One of the callers to the game is the voice announcer of the players Szeged. Big applause and applause welcome them.

16:55: Teams come, first guests in green and white.

16:52: The Danes are missing the former stables of Veszprém, Bijarte Myrhol.

16:48: Guests have a severe shortage of counting, did not leave the team in Denmark with left-wing Danish left Anders Eger thrown a week ago.

16:45: Welcome to our readers and the teams have gone through the heating, soon the players arrive and start the game!


A week ago in Denmark, Szeged defeated Skiern in defeats 29-26, but the Danes were already in a difficult, very warlike situation, and Juan Carlos Pastor's team made the game in the second half.

Sheet, 8 cents
Group B

Selgå (Slovene) -PPD Zagreb (Croatian)
Work now
Motorcycle Zaporizhya (Ukrainian), Nantes (French) 30-30
Flensburg (Germany) –PSG (French) 20-27

B-GROUP mode
1. Paris SG (French) 8 8 250-208 42 16
2. MOL-PICK SEGED 7 6 1 209-193 16 12
3. Nantes (French) 7 3 1 3 219-203 16 7
4. Flensburg (German) 8 3 5 216-217 -1 6
Skjern Handbold (Danish) 7 2 1 4 194-206 -12 5
6. PPD Zagreb (Croatian) 7 2 1 4 177-196 19 5
7. Celia Pell (Slovenian) 7 2 5 176-203 27 4
8. Zaporizsya (Ukrainian) 7 1 1 5 210-225 15 3

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