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You can not even guess what the term means to me

In the evening, the Hungarian football labeled a stunner with confidence in League 2's safe League League League C. On the track after the glossary, Willy Urbanon and Szalai dmon kvl dm Great, Dzsudzsk Balzs, Dibusz Dnes and Zsolt Kalmr played the record.

It was my most frightening " "Began Willy Urban, who led Hungary to 8 minutes.

"My first game was before the home championship, and my cheating was also the place for me and the team, so it was a good night, I'm glad everyone did a great job. Luckily, it was a good thing in the game, we controlled the game, so we wanted our cup."

Willy Urban was well placed in the game, and he also won the first Hungarian appearance against the tournamentAttila Polik – Origo

The first lexicon returned to the desire of RB. Leipzig.

"I had members of the Kalmar group in Leipzig, and then I remembered how much he was doing, and he just got tired, and I just had to start."

Duck's Kasplice was one of the nests, if not the best one, and there were so many Hungarian Tsars not running.

"I was very enthusiastic about this role, I was free to manage the game, and I try to keep in touch with all the staff discussed with the professional stbb. We had a lot of bullets on the counter, and that's what we talked about, and that was our key. "

Zasolt Kalmet was one of the best in the field on the treadAttila Polik – Origo

Against this victory, twenty-two of them were the membrane of their virginity.

"I'm very grateful for the chances and the victory, but I'm sorry I could not do it for success, I have a chance, but whenever I looked for a break, who could I take to get a better position."

If you had a lot of points, it was the evening of Slai dm cagli in Hungarian vlogout.

We have a chance to win, but this success will be a real battle if the Finns are beaten " Said the captain of the group.

Szalay Dam promised the Hungarian success storyAttila Polik – Origo

"There was only one serious situation in the cell, and then Debros Barberrr, and we checked the meter, we did not slow down the opponent, but We should have been in Tallinn too, and we did not know what to do about our master and our mortals. We have a lot of money, we have to get rid of the raids and races, but as I said before, we were in a difficult position to make changes before the Law of Nations and give the team time. We want to get rid of the series and always win against the penis. "

Goalkeeper Fernbros Dibos Dunes picked up the barbriet with Szalay.

"It was a stupid thing to say I could not go out, I thought maybe on the side of the screen, Szalay could do it, but he too was tall, so I had to be very careful. Luckily, I was at the head of the head, and I was at the back of the rifle, and I got to the back of my neck like a warrior. I was very happy to see what the shutters are doing in a similar situation, and it is important that such a dead team die. "

The Hungarian aggressive tactic vlogged has the resultAttila Polik – Origo

So did the great DM, who said the early wave was the key to victory.

"The previous baptism was like we stayed in the games at the beginning, and this was the first time we first had to say it was not possible here, it was aggressive tactics we agreed earlier, of course, Dini had to do it, but he quickly got the lead, and we We did not give up. "

Bălţi managed to join the Hungarian football team in 162 days, and recently, on October 11, 2011, he was transferred to the AP scandal against Finn. This time in the 65th minute he took Dominion.

Everything was decisive and everyone. It is very interesting to be able to work in a journal, but it is an evil hater. It was a good time for the team to play, if I had some luck, I would get it but it's tight chest. The only thing I did was make a burglary hack and crash, and to raise the hug that I told him on the level, I was a bit nervous. "

The judge accepted the background of the law, which was 97 total, and it was the third best-selling live Zoltan in rkranglist.

Hungary – News, Groupama Arena, Champions League, C divzi, fifth turn, 2018.11.15.Attila Polik – Origo

"I do not know what the hell is going to play through the television, and it was not when I heard the awesome fantastic Pantar stadium from my body and I can hear it, and it can look like nothing." TV or Internet reading and in discussions that Dizodec Blass said about the blogger, But I do not know what I'm going through, and what it means to me. When the cartoon arrived with the drummer, I closed my eyes and thought about what was going on. I did not care, I knew that moment. "

Buzhd Juzszk and the Hungarian flag titled last night on lp ply, At Gruppa Aran, 20:45 in Finland will be the opposite.

Fourth, I can not be

With this success, the Hungarians can not manage the safe place in fourth place because the crowd is definitely a stall, but the remaining does not disappear as the third worst in the group of six descending one class down. The Hungarian team is still in competition with the rest of the players, but it is a bit small, because in the meantime, apart from the last Hungarian victory, the Hungarians will have to buy the Hungarian tier. The second place is marked by the fact that for the Law of Nations, all teams in each of the four clubs can get a group of European players who failed to start the Eb scoring process, but in third grade they should reject the minimum of ngyesben seconds. Hungarians are on the left side of the team, and they get Finnish in turn.

League of Nations, Class C, Group 2, Round 5: Hungary 2-0 (1-0)
Galats: Urban (8), Szalay (69)
(63) and Pik (23), Anier (49), Antonov (62)
Greggsch-Finschberg 1-0 (1-0)
North: Granlund (25, ngl)

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