Thursday , October 6 2022

23 dead; Prime Minister Modi is speaking with CM Vijayan, say the authorities working in the field


Interior Minister Amit Sheh promised all help from the center and said he was monitoring the state of flooding in Kerala.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also spoke with CM Vijayan to assess the situation, saying authorities are working on the ground to help the wounded.

In one of the heavy rains in recent years, the high ranges of central and southern Kerala are experiencing almost similar to the situation the country faced during the devastating floods of 2018 and 2019, but authorities said everything is under control and there should be no panic.

Heavy rain in parts of Kerala caused landslides in the districts of Idoki and Kutaiam. The weather office predicted heavy to heavy rain until Sunday morning. Fourteen people were killed and many others missing on Saturday, when heavy rains erupted in southern and central Kerala causing floods and landslides.

Union Interior Minister Amit Shah said the center would provide all possible assistance to Kerala people affected by heavy rains and floods. He said in a tweet that the government “is continuously monitoring the situation in parts of Kerala following heavy rains and flooding.” “The central government will provide all possible support to help people in need. NDRF teams have already been sent to assist in the rescue operations. Pray for the safety of all,” she said.

“The situation is really serious in some parts of the country. Everything is being done to save lives. We have asked for help from the army, navy and air force. Aid camps have been set up in the provinces,” said Kerala Prime Minister Pinarai Vijian.

The main force teams, including 11 National Disaster Disaster Forces (NDRF), two army teams and two security service teams were deployed in the southern and central parts of the countries. The Meteorological Department of India has issued a red alert to the districts of Patanamathata, Kutaiam, Arancolm, Iddoki and Trisur and an orange alert to the districts of Tirvananthapuram, Kolam, Alpoja, Palakad, Malaphoram, Kozhikod Viyanad in the southern state.

A Navy helicopter with aid materials had already been flown from INS Garuda in Kochi and headed towards rain-affected areas, PTI reported. Two Mi-17 Air Force helicopters arrived and were on standby at the AF station, Shangomogam, Tirwannatform. Despite the outburst of rain, the Kerala State Disaster Management Authority (KSDMA) said the average sea level trough is now over the southeastern Arabian Sea off the north coast of Kerala-Karnataka and anticipates the possibility of light to moderate rainfall in many places with only heavy rainfall. On the state over the next 24 hours and descend further thereafter.

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