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Big Boss 12, Ka War Weekend, Day 62 LIVE Updates: Salman Khan tells Jasleen Matharu about a surprise for her | TV


After an explosive episode on Friday, the weekend of Saturday Ka Vaar begins with Salman Khan giving us a summary of everything that happened in the week. On Friday, Shishish Mishra did the improbable – he obeyed the order of the new captain Romil Choudhary, and thanks to this Slightly the performance itself. Romil was asked to select three participants to be sent to Calcutta. After sending Mega Dada, Romille chose Shishish to be sent to Kalktheri. No doubt entered the prison, he threw the prison card in the air, clearly refusing to accept the captain's decision. Despite two hours of persuasion, Romil could not beat him. This angered Big Boss, who not only canceled the entire assignment, but appointed all the contestants except Romille for next week's evacuation.

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9:40 pm

Salman Khan has a surprise for Jasleen Matharu

Salman Khan tells Jasleen Matharu that there is a surprise waiting for her in the Khaas room. Celine finds Anoop Jalota and she is super excited to see him. Zalman then asks Anuj what the state of his relationship with Jasleen is. Anuj makes it clear that he never had romantic feelings for her.

9:30 pm

The caller asks Surbhi Rana about her status at home

The caller says Surbhi Rana that she was the one who started the happy club. Then he asks when everyone will see her again happy. To do so, Surabhi says she is a clean person. But she thinks that since the game has changed all the time, she is simply trying to adapt to different situations.

09:15 IST

Salman Khan has a chat with all the contenders

Salman has to speak openly with all about the issue of appointment. Romil explains why he was not surprised to see that Deepa Kar Ibrahim received a candidacy. Salman also questions Karanvir Bohra about his decision to punish Sreesanth. Sreesanth, for his part, explains that he is not angry at Karanvir.

9:05 PM IST

Salman Khan gives a summary of the development of the week

Salman Khan presents the weekend Kaar with a summary of everything that happened at home this week with special reference to the events of Friday.

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