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Cheap Black Friday 2018 TVs can not be a good deal


This year, like every year, we've seen some amazing TV prices on Black Friday. Big 4K TVs, probably HDR, are at lower prices than ever.

How low? Walmart is selling 40 inch TV for $ 100. The target has 55 inches for $ 200. Best Buy is selling a massive 70 inch TV for $ 700. And that's just the beginning.

The prices are certainly impressive, but that does not mean televisions will be good value.

Cheap TVs are often simple: cheap. Low cost kits without the features or image quality of their more expensive competition may seem like a bargain, but they are not really a good place to invest your money. After all, most people keep on TVs for 5 or 10 years.

The low prices on these TVs should make you More Careful, no less. Get closer to these TV sales with careful care, separate from the price.

Because of this CNET List of Black Friday 2018 TV deals Divided into two parts: the best and the cheapest. The first part covers a TV where our visitor, David Katzmaier, can vouch for image quality and They are a great bargain. The other covers televisions is not checked, but he guesses they do not hold a candle on the image quality of those he recommends.

With this difference in mind, here are some things to look for when estimating that price is enticing TV.

Beware: Fake & # 39; HDR

forged High Dynamic Range (HDR) Is one of the biggest issues in the world of television now. to be able to to read HDR and HDR Display properly HDR are two different things. It's easy for a TV to read HDR metadata and therefore claim it's "HDR-compatible." But without local dimming, there is no way for television show That HDR data. In fact, it's like someone who reads you a description of a painting. You'll get the idea, but you're not going to see it.

For more information on false marketing, read this: Why all HDR on TVs is not the same.

Beware: Fake refresh rates

With LCD TVs, higher Refreshing rates Can reduce the perception of motion blur, such as blurring when everything moves on the screen. This is a problem with all LCD TVs, and current versions of OLED. However, not everyone sees it or is bothered by it.

The problem is most manufacturers are a little, say, "creative"With their listings for refresh rate, they may say" Motion 120 "or" SRR240Hz "or other marketing term to describe what their TV does. Many of them do not really rate higher refreshments. They just processing tricks, or if you're lucky, Add a black frame (Which can be good in some cases). If it's a cheap TV, it's almost certain No In fact 100 or 120Hz, which means that fast motion will be fuzzy.

For more information, check out The Truth About Ultra HD 4K TV Refresh Rates.

Be careful: connections are sparse

How many HDMI connections do you need? More importantly, how many HD HD connections do you need? If you have more than one 4K source, make sure that each input is on your TV HDMI 2.0 Or more, and has HDCP 2.2. If you can not find this information on a spec sheet, be careful. If the connection does not include HDCP 2.2, you can not view the 4K source.

Be careful: not so smart on TV

For the most part, major television companies and brands like Roku have everything smart and down solid TV. Brands are not allowed. It's not a huge business, as media streamers are cheap and big, but if you expect a quality streaming experience, you can not get it. You also can not get all the streaming services you want. Everything has Netflix, not everything has Amazon, Vudu, Hulu and so on. Chromecasts with built-in TVs, for example, require you to use your phone, rather than always streaming Amazon video.


Sarah Teo / CNET

Beware: Shopping by brand only

There are some lesser-known brands that are making fantastic TVs. TCL It stands out recently. So just because they are not known like, for example, Samsung or Sony, it does not necessarily mean that you have to cross them from your list. However, an unknown integrity may not have the same warranty or support for repair, if necessary.

During Black Friday brands are known as Samsung and LG often sell their cheapest models at prices well below what you can expect. A lot are fine, but some can not provide the same level of image quality or features as a less well-known brand like TCL or Vizio – both routinely routine in the CNET's list of the best TVs for the money. In other words, even on Black Friday the brand of television should not be the only decisive factor.

And on the other side, there multi The brands you may recognize are the only name of a large company in the past. Chinese companies have invested years in buying trademarks of companies that were previously stored. Polaroid, Kodak and many others have little to do with the companies you've ever known. They are Chinese manufacturers looking to use the name recognition of a great brand time. Again, these are not necessarily bad, but do not let there fool you.

But if you insist …

Here's the thing: If you're just looking for cheap TV in the other room, sure, why not? If you really do not Treatment How the TV looks, sure, why not? But if you're excited about new TV features like HDR, Wide color gamut And so on, you may be disappointed.

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