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CPM At the stage of liquidation, Pinarayi Vijayan will be the last prime minister of the Party of Kerala: BJP main state


Written by Vishnu Varma
| Pathanamthitta

Updated: November 18, 2018 8:02:22 pm

Kerala BJP head P S Sreedharan attacked Minister Pinarayi Vijayan for taking a stubborn stance on the line. (file)

President PJP Kerala P Seredharan Pillai, who has been demonstrating his party protests against the entry of women of childbearing age at the temple of Sabarimala, claimed on Sunday that the cost of CPM wages in Kerala entered "phase of elimination." He attacked Minister Pinaray Vijian for insisting that he take a firm stand on the line and warned that he would be the last prime minister of his party in the country.

"This government destroys the Sevremala." It is conducting a war with the Chassidim, "said Pillai in Dharna organized in Pathanamthitta province to protest the lack of arrangements for pilgrims in the Temple. Make live updates here

"Our demand is that proper arrangements should be made for pilgrims in the temple by officials, and there is no drinking water available now in Pamba and Sannidhanam, and basic bathrooms for old women are not available." There are many shops that are closed and not taken for sale, , He claimed.

Pillai said the BJP would intensify the protest in the coming days to ensure "maintenance" of ceremonies and traditions in Sevilla.

The Dharna arrives on Pillay's Party Day blocking major arterial roads and highways across the country in protest against the arrest of Secretary General K Surendran from Nilakkal, the base camp of the temple. Surendran motioned to the police that he wanted to go and offer prayers in the temple. But the police, fearing the collapse of law and order if allowed to board, took him to preventive custody, then accused him of preventing an officer from performing his duties. Surendran was produced before a magistrate today, and he was arrested on 14 days of police custody and lodged in a sub-prison in Kottarakara.

In an outing outside the city's Pathamit stadium on a rainy evening, Pillai said the BJP would intensify the protest in the coming days to ensure "maintenance" of ceremonies and traditions in Sabriella. "We are looking into all the opportunities to expand the protest throughout the country, and we have also consulted with the center on how to move legally," he said. He also hinted that a key minister would visit Sabriella on Monday, ostensibly referring to Alphonse Canentnam, the IT and IT tourism ministry, who might visit the temple to examine pilgrim arrangements.

The Dharna was inaugurated by the only MLA of the BJ in the state, O Rajagopal, featured G Raman Nair, former president of Travancore Devaswom Board principal Sabarimala. Nair, who had previously been part of Congress, was appointed vice president when he moved to the Saffron party.

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