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How to Turn Off Your Sent Messages Top Apps


Whether it's a typo, automatic spell checking, or an incorrect video, most of us have experienced the situation where we can not undo incorrect app notifications.

You may be talking to your boss, mom, or friend, when you realize your message is messed up. If you've been thinking "do not go back now", do not sweat. There are actually ways to navigate tech (yes, no kidding), so you can save yourself from embarrassing posts mistakes.

Read on to learn how you can turn off messages you've already sent to apps like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and more.


Version 191 of Facebook Messenger in Apple App Store comes with all tech fixings, including the ability to send voice messages, chat with businesses, and show message responses with stickers. At this time, you can only remove messages you send on your device, but this will change soon.

According to Facebook Messenger, there are new features in the way, including the option to remove a message from the chat tray after you submit it. For example, if you accidentally send incorrect information or a message with the wrong wire, you can fix it by removing the message up to 10 minutes after sending it.


Instant Messaging Instagram (credit photo: Instagram)

Instagram may be the easiest application for troubleshooting messages. Removing a previously sent message takes three steps: Tap the arrow in Instagram, select the call to find the message you want to cancel, and then tap and hold the message to select "unsend". Your bad message will disappear and a feed call in a pinch. The only downside is that people may see your error message before installing it, so be aware when you use the app.

Google Hangouts

Seamless messaging is a great bonus in Google Hangouts, but unfortunately you can not delete individual messages you've already sent. If a message dilemma occurs, there are only two steps you can take: Go to Settings and delete your call history with one person or delete your call history with a group. Although you will clear the bad message on the phone, all recipients will see the error on their side of the thread. So check your writing before clicking on "Send" on this application.


WhatsApp Posts (Photo Credit: WhatsApp)

WhatsApp makes it easy to remove a bad message. In the app, you can delete messages for everyone in just a few simple steps. To delete messages you've sent in Chat or Group, open the app, go to Chat with the error message, tap and hold the message, then tap "Delete" at the top of the screen. The advantage of this feature is that you have up to 60 minutes to delete previously sent messages, but your recipients may see your message before it is deleted or if you can not remove it immediately.


Snapchat, known for its fast story feature, is unable to delete previously sent messages. Finally, you can clear a call by going to Settings, clicking "Clear conversations" under "Account Actions" and clicking the "x" next to a name to delete your call history. Although you can delete messages from your phone, the recipient will still have access to the message record.

However, Snapchat offers a "clear chat" feature, where you can delete a message before a friend sees it, according to CNBC. Just swipe right to visit your friend's page, select the chat column, select a message you've already sent, and tap the message to hold it and delete it. It's so easy. But, your friend will see the deleted message, so be careful of it if you make a mistake.

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