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I-League: The history of football in the transformation of Serenagar dressed in snow and football news


Srinagar: In a few years, when stories from Indian football will be collected to tell an intriguing child, he rubbed his eyes in amazement that such a thing does exist, the English League will be the voice uncle he has now forgotten to go to and the trouble. The title of Tuesday's story could possibly be, match with the orange football.

You could only chuckle at the irony of the whole thing, but is there any other way to tell this story about the Indian game-one he will tell again and again? Finally, the birth of a new chapter in Kashmir, but between the shadow of the final death of the real national league of the country, all wrapped in a snow blanket?

On the eve of the debut of Real Cashmere in a home game-against the newly created brothers from Goa-when the local front rushed, carrying radios and yelling at a local Kashmiri to them, raising things and going, the spectators would watch them, And the promises made by the TRC Council. Then they look up at the sky and return strongly to every evening – an event, an act of war taking place before their eyes. Maybe the idea of ​​cashmere on the sun forecast is actually covering gloomy, cold clouds, all day and night.

Perhaps, too, in every social and political upheaval that they encounter on a daily basis, a misleading update on phone application is the least of their concerns. But if it comes down again, as he did on Sunday, without warning and time and promises to do it again, watch the orange ball again. This too will be unique first. When was the football game ever played in India under falling snow? Are the guys in charge – from the mainland and the local organizers – even remember to change the ball's different color to help visibility? In the event? Or is it all worth the track, a colorful ball is simply a symbolism for the extreme elements, the color that marks the inherent challenges of the winter football in Kashmir that will make all groups who have visited here in real Kashmir.

"In Romania we even played matches with 10 inches of snow on the ground … Oh, it was very possible, and it was not even a carnivore like here, was playing in Algeria a few years ago, it snow and cold, maybe it was worse , Here, I'm not surprised, "recalled the Romanian coach of the Churchill, Peter Giorgio.

His problems were of a different nature – of a tired squad after about two weeks on the road, a good trip ended up with victories coming on the Tart, but sapping anyway. So there is the added chance of the elements in their final engagement on this swing away. Captain Hussein Aldor, the Lebanese defender, who also comforts the game experience under similar conditions during his time in Europe. "But yes, but it's your game, your land, it's always better for you," Gigi reminded Kashmir, and Kashmir.

But maybe there will not even be snow, or even such a cold bite. Srinagar prepares, taking the weather in their stride as the people of the region have been doing forever, for what they see as a groundbreaking event in their journey. There is an unmistakable buzz about real Kashmir as steps I have taken since the gun was founded two years ago. The locals recognize that, veterans nod in quiet awe, even rival players lift, the club's academy boys in their bright red sets chatter excitedly, happy to rub each other and be more happy to deal with the heavy lifting, a strange rite of passage in sports.

Like many other things in the state capital, football provides the materials to dream. Like the phoenix, under construction in the middle of construction, towering over the city, and the homogeneous commercialization of the markets, this is a welcome vector. When continuous security checks, checkpoints, and prolonged waiting are permanent, the false stimulus and complaints about movement that is compensated for construction on an area is an acquired right.

More than a decade and a half ago, a drive from Srinagar airport would be dotted with large houses, but they were empty skeletons, with bullets. Today, they boast of the living atmosphere that bright new coats of paint can bring. You can not go out after sunset, you have to make do with the sloppy beer and peanut plates and hours on the pool table. Now, restaurants welcome you late in the evening. Perhaps the prestigious Rugbag area, next to the Lom, offers a unique haven in a turbulent country, but it has proved fertile ground for football.

Real coach Kashmir, David Robertson is a lot person followed. He is Scotty ready for a second, and local channels flock to him, a foreign channel has been following him for nearly a month and documenting his journey. Ben and his midfielder Mason is a favorite local favorite here, especially after his goal against FC Bangalore, one of which the children's academy maintained on their phones and are happy to share with you. Mason is a contender for affection for the top with favorite Danish Farouk locals, but for some it's just a job to get out of the way. "I played for four, five seasons with Lajong Shillong, the weather and conditions are very similar, so I'm home," die Loveday Euyinnaya, Nigeria's cashmere of Real. "So yes, rain or snow, it's work and we'll finish it tomorrow," he adds, and tells you that in the promise of a new dawn there is 90 minutes to play soccer. Trust professionals to do it for you. Orange ball or just black and white.

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