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Kofi with Karen 6: Sarah Ali Khan says mother and Amrita Singh dressed her for the wedding of Father Fencing with Kareena Kapoor | TV


On Sunday of an episode of Kofi with Karen, filmmaker show host Johar Foundation welcomed the "dynamic duo" of Father Saif Ali Khan and his daughter Sarah. The two, who appeared in matching monochrome costumes, broke into a storm in a show in their conversations and discoveries.

Karen started the show with Soledok on fathers and sons. He talked about his late father, director and producer, Yash Guthrie. He said his father loved him unconditionally and always supported him, no matter what. Then he invited Sarah and Saif to the show.

Once they took the seats, Karen asked Sarah if she was nervous considering that this was her first official introduction to the entertainment industry before her films Simmba and Kedarnath release. She said she was excited and nervous, but that was certainly not reflected in her safe behavior.

Then Karen goes to the good parts, asks Saif and Sarah about their modern family. Sarah is Saif's daughter from his first marriage to actress Amrita Singh. They talked about how he scolded her on the phone, and her stepmother radiated Kapoor into their fight. Sarah said that her father once hung her up twice after scolding her and Kareena and her mother usually try to calm her and fencing down when things are heated.

When she talked about her father's second marriage, Sarah reacted to the intelligence beyond her years. She told Karen that things had never been uncomfortable with them, since everyone involved had handled the relationship in a very mature way. "Everyone was clear about their dynamics with me, it was never confusing … Karina herself says that you seem to have a mother and a big one and what I want is that we can be friends." My father never said, It's your mother, or it made you feel uncomfortable. " said.

Sarah said she was glad her parents were concentrated in their lives, and today she has two comfortable houses to go to one place and uncomfortable. "I'll be like I should call her-Aunt Carina or Carina and my father will be like you would not want to call her Aunt," she said.

Seif also discovered how he wrote a note to Amrita on his wedding day to Kareena. "When I was married to Karina, for some reason, I wrote a note to Amrita and said it was a new chapter that started, I wrote that we have history and something about lines of good wishes to both of us." I sent him to Karna to take a look. , But now I come with a happy heart, "I think the story sums up the attitude of all those involved."

Sarah also talked about how her mother Amhrita wore it to attend Saif and Karina's wedding. "My mother wore me to my father's wedding." Many people thought that Kareena would be a strange mother or would be strange, it was very convenient, everyone was so mature, it was not a big deal, "she said.

The two then talked about how Saif appeared to have entered a new phase in his work as an actor. Since Netflix's success in showing sacred games, he says he sees himself as a better actor working on the show and films like Kalakandi had a great learning experience for him.

He said he was never really bothered by films that did not manage to do well at the checkout. Sarah said the reason was that her father had never produced all his happiness from work, so there was no reason to be disappointed.

They also talked about the power of the stars of her little half brother, Taymor Ali Khan. Curran wondered if the two-year-old was the most sought-after celebrity with the Indian paparazzi and Sarah said she was cute how he waved to the Camperons outside his house.

Karen also showed Sarah's old clip from when she was pretty heavy than now. The video pointed to the imitation of a death scene with her brother Ibrahim while their mother made a video of the two. Another showed her lips synchronized to the song.

Sarah revealed that she was heavy then because of PCOD and her father also added, "pizza". She joked about her excessive hormones and made her do things like that. "I had a PCOD and I still do because because I put a lot of weight in. There was a hormone problem, which made it harder for me to lose weight and the hormone level was high," she says.

In the fast-fire round, Sif chose Deepika Padcon as the hottest star in the industry and as an alpine owner as a better player. He said he loved Karina for her loyalty, hated her over-emphasis on things and suffered her addiction to her phone. Sarah said she wanted to marry Ranbir Kapoor and date Kartik Aaryan and even asked Karen to set them up. Sarah chose Elia and Deepika and her two favorite women in Bollywood. Kareena took third place. Sarah eventually won a coffee basket.

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First published: Nov 19, 2018 09:10 IST

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