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Lung Kapoor says strangers call her ‘stupid’ for not celebrating Carva Chout: ‘Not something I read or believe in’ | Bollywood


Ria Kapoor posted a new post on Instagram Stories, telling brands not to approach her for Carva Chout collaborations.

Stylist creator Rea Kapoor said it was unclear about collaborations related to Carva Chout. She took to Instagram to share a long comment and said that the spirit of the festival is not something she and her husband Keren Boulani agree with.

“Hi. Happy Sunday. Yours sincerely please do not contact me for a gift or collaborations with karva chauth. This is not something that Kran or I believe in. We respect other couples who participate and can even enjoy the festivities while they do so. It just is not for me. Or “So the last thing I want to do is promote something I do not believe in and do not really agree with the spirit from which he came,” she said.

Lung added that some people call her stupid for rejecting the idea. “In the meantime I feel that if we take care of ourselves and both of us we should be good. I write this only because it seems like random people feel the need to aggressively convince me that I am ‘stupid’, ‘must do it’, ‘this is my first’. No thanks. Come on. “If we read this, thank you for giving shit. I hope you enjoy your Sunday,” she added.

Lung and Keren got married in August this year. The wedding was held at the home of her father, actor Anil Kapoor, Mumbai. The ceremony was a private affair, attended only by close friends and family.

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After her wedding ceremony, Lung took to Instagram to share their first official photos as a married couple. “12 years later, I did not have to be nervous or overwhelmed because you are my best friend and best guy ever. But I cried and rocked and had a tummy tuck all along because I did not know how modest the experience would be. I’ll always be that girl who had to go home to Juho at 11pm before my parents fell asleep. Only until now I did not know how lucky I was to feel torn. I hope we have created such a close family that we have so many loves in our lives. Mine are @karanboolani @anilskapoor @ kapoor.sunita @sonamkapoor and @harshvarrdhankapoor forever more “, she wrote.

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