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Pakistan vs New Zealand, First Test Day 3 in Abu Dhabi, Live Score: Watling, frustrated Nicholls Pakistan


Pakistan vs New Zealand, First Test Day 3 in Abu Dhabi, Live Score: Watling, frustrated Nicholls Pakistan

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Catch all live action from Day 3 of the first test between Pakistan and New Zealand in Abu Dhabi on Sunday.Day 2 Report: Left arm Trent Boult helped New Zealand foil Pakistan's advantage with four wickets as the first test was evenly stable after Monday in Abu Dhabi on Saturday. A striking 4-54 separated the bats from the Pakistanis who were cursed out for 227 in response to the first rounds of New Zealand's 153.

He was well supported by debutant Spinner Ajaz Patel (2-64) and Colin de Grandhomme (2-30) as Pakistan managed a first round lead only 74.

New Zealand then fought to 56-1 when a bad light forced the judges to end the day with 4.2 Overs still remaining. The black caps are still traceable by 18 runs with nine remaining wickets.

Skipper Kane and Williamson will hold the key for his team when he went with 27 not out with him and Opener Jeet Raval on 26 not out. The duo added 56 for the second wicket after Tom Latham was bowled by Hassan Ali in vain on the second, negotiating the bowling spin well under cloudy conditions.

New Zealand can take the fact that Pakistan lost a test instead of last year against Sri Lanka in 21 runs, falling target of only 136.

Pakistan wasted a good chance of taking big lead by means of poor blows, with only Be'er Azzam (62), Asad Shafiq (43) and Haris Suhail (38) making significant contributions.

Azam hit five limits in his 109 ball ball, and he was the last man when he passed the bolt for the BJ Watling wicktkeeper to catch a low dive.

Pakistan resumed at 59-2 but lost the night bats Sohail and Azhar Ali (22) in the space of only six balls the same result of 91.

Suhail was more sure of a pair that added 64 for the third wicket. He hit the four borders, but was caught in a short half-mile by LeT after a flimsy shot by Sudhi's.

Azhar was thrown by Jeet Raval from Bolet on 19 and was again lucky two runs later when not given as the fast-paced reviewer reviewed the foot before the decision.

But Bolt let out the last laugh, and forced Azhar's bat on the edge of Whotling's diving catch.

Despite losing two wickets during the morning meeting, Pakistan were well placed at 144-4 at noon, seeking a big lead to get a 1-0 advantage in a three-match series.

But Bolt checked their progress by dismissing Asad Shafiq to 43, crossing the inner edge. It was 174-5, the beginning of a section that saw the last six wickets of Pakistan falling on 63 runs.

Patel had Ahmed Surferz grabbed a twisted broom for two, Bilal Asif stumped by Watling for 11, while Bolt, Grenadome and Neil Wagner also chipped in.

Wagner, who played his 37th test, achieved a personal milestone by becoming the eighth goalie in New Zealand to take 150 wickets when he is Peter Yasser Shah nine.

Richard Hadlee leads the chart of the New Zealand bowlers with 431 wickets in 86 tests.

(219 in 55), Chris Cairns (218 at 62) and Danny Morrison (219 at 55), Chris Cairns (218 at 62) and Timothy Southee 160 at 48).

The second test will be held in Dubai (November 24-28) and the third in Abu Dhabi (3-7 December).

Interpretation (New Zealand Fibers)

67.1 H Ali to Nicholas, do not run. 174/4

66.6 H Sohail to Wattling, do not run. 174/4

66.5 H Sohail to Wattling, do not run. 174/4

66.4 H Sohail Watling, this short one on the middle, punching and wattling is straight back. 174/4

66.3 H Sohail to Nicholas, it's full outside well but Henry takes a big step forward and sweeps him behind a square foot side for a run. It also takes a 100 lead. 174/4

66.2 H Sohail to Nicholls, appealed for LBW, but had an inner edge on it. This ball is out there and rotates quite a bit after landing. Nicholls fail to cover the turn completely and is lucky to get the inner edge. 173/4

66.1 H Sohail to Nicholls, full to start with outside stumping out, Nicholas comes forward to dead bats in it. 173/4

Hares Soheil is on the offensive now.

65.6 H Ali to Watling, Puller out of the tight, Wattling driving straight straight to cover the gate. 173/4

65.5 H Ali Watling, good outside out of range, and Wattling leaves it alone. 173/4

65.4 H Ali Watling, good rhythm Hassan Ali here! This one is full on the middle. Wattling plays it in the middle with a straight bat. 173/4

65.3 H Ali to Wattling, for a good length on the mid stump this time, and Wattling plays it back to the bowl. 173/4

65.2 H Ali Watling, Four! Excessive and Wattling is about it immediately. When it falls on the middle and legs, the kiwi batter shakes it to the right of the short middle gate and sometimes it is beautiful. 173/4

65.1 H to Wattling, little short and good length, Wattling protects the rear leg to cover. 169/4

64.6 Y Shah to Nicholls, shorter and became Nicholas' cushions. He turns him toward a square foot and runs the first quickly, putting pressure on the field player who misleads him, allowing them to return to a comfortable pair at the end. The lead has swelled 95 by now. 169/4

64.5 Y Shah to Nicholls, it becomes much after landing, Nicholas seems to work him behind a square foot but misses to get hit on a cushion. But the ball becomes too much so there is no appeal. 167/4

64.4 Y Shah to Wattling, it's one shorter and wider outside, and Wattling cuts it into a deep field on the side side for another single woman. 167/4

64.3 Y Shah to Wattling, a good ball this time! Just off the road, Wattling comes forward and protects it well. 166/4

64.2 Y Shah to Nicholls, around the goalie this time, flatter and make the pads, Nicholas rocks back and works him towards the square foot for another run. 166/4

64.1 Y Shah to Watling, flatter out of the press, and Wetling cuts him towards a sweep cover for one. 165/4

63.6 H Ali to the Nicholls, around the wicket to the left, Nicholls condemns it coming half forward to this one which is a good length out of tight. 164/4

63.5 H Ali Watling, just as I say is bowling tight lines, he darts one on the thighs. It works by Wattling behind a square foot for one. 164/4

65.4 H Ali Watling, Hassan is staggered away and stumped it, short this time in length. Wattling protects her comfortably. 163/4

63.3 H Ali to Watling, similar to the length but a little closer to the rod this time due to which he decides to watling to protect him with his willow. 163/4

63.2 H Ali Watling, it is left alone by the BJ as the ball is on well-out-tight length. 163/4

63.1 H Ali Watling, ball out of the ball, beating Wattling to point him on the back foot. 163/4

Hassan Ali returns.

62.6 Y Shah to Nicholls, Four! Make drifting and it is well hit! It's full outside, and Nicholas gets the ball's pitch as he takes a giant step back and sweeps to the third human fence all the way through. 163/4

62.5 Y Shah to Nicholls, this one rares the good length and turns to hit the inner end of the Nicholls that comes forward to protect. The ball was rising as it hits the pads, so there is not much appeal. 159/4

62.4 Y Shah to Nicholls, Fuller and pushed out again off the road, Nicholas sweeps him away in a square foot. But do not run. 159/4

62.3 Y Shah to Nicholls, shorter and turned the pillows, Nicholas flashing it on the foot side but straight to the goalie. 159/4

62.2 Y Shah to Nicholls, around the wicket to the left, just falling short feet! The ball was outside, landing on a rough spot and becoming quite a lot to take the inside end of a Nicholas bat trying to protect the front leg. 159/4

62.1 Y Shah to BJ Wattling, a good flying ball out, and Wattling gives his partner a strike by driving him to the sweep cover. 159/4

61.6 B Asif to Nicholas, Nicholas looks solid here as one more fully guarded comfortably. 158/4

61.5 B Asif to Nicholas, Fuller and in the middle, the batsman defended it by getting right behind the delivery line. 158/4

61.4 B Assif to Nicholas, the ball drifting on the pads On this occasion, Nicholas flick it through the middle of the wicket for a pair. This raises the class 50 to run between these two. Good to handle it! But we have to continue. Lead now 84. 158/4

61.3 B Assif to Nicholas, Well flying out and walking away, Nicholas does not find the need to play it. 156/4

61.2 B Asif to Nicholls, Looped up on the discount, Nicholas takes into account the spin and condemns it well. 156/4

61.1 B Assif to Nicholas, the length of delivery and turns away from there, Nicholas cuts him away and gap through the spot for a pair. 156/4

60.6 Y Shah to Wattling, a bit more full on the middle, driven by the ground by Wattling but no running available. 154/4

60.5 Y Shah to Wattling, well out, left alone. 154/4

60.4 Y Shah to Wattling, faint outside the edge but it was soft hands, so the ball just drops down before skate. He was curled up on the stump and turned a little at the last minute. 154/4

60.3 Y Shah to BJ and Wattling, do not run. 154/4

60.2 Y Shah to Nicholls, similar to the ball but this time he sweeps this squarer this time and picks up a run. 154/4

60.1 Y Shah to Nicholls, Nicholas makes great strides to make sure he takes LBW out of a question. He sweeps all this from outside to the short leg. 153/4

59.6 B Assif to Nicholas, this short one on the stump, Nicholas punches him through the covers for one and keeps on strike. 153/4

59.5 B Asif to Nicholas, Fuller and beyond, the batsman drives it through the blankets but does not run. 152/4

59.4 B Asif to Nicholas, this one is darted faster and shorter on the middle. Nicholas gets behind the ball line and protects. 152/4

59.3 Unnamed: B Assif to Nicholls, Four! 150 to New Zealand! Border Welcome to them, it should be said! The ball is flying and overpitched off off, Nicholas sweeps it into the square foot fence. 152/4

59.2 B Assif to Nicholas, Fuller Well off off on this occasion, Nicholas keeps it. 148/4

59.1 Unnamed: B Assif to Nicholls, a good ball! This one is well welled on the stump and slightly turns. But the ball is well handled by Nicholas. 148/4

58.6 Y Shah to Wattling, a shorter ball on the stump, the batter shows the full face of the bat and protects the ball from the foot. Maiden over. 148/4

58.5 Y Shah to Wattling, Fast Delivery Flatter and Pace. Wattling came to protect him again. 148/4

58.4 Yeh Shahb. Wattling, lying out of the house this time, drove to the middle near Watling. 148/4

58.3 Y Shah to Wattling, Fuller and fast off-off, straight-driven cover. 148/4

58.2 Y Shah to Watling, Fuller and Stump off, Wetling slips the spin on it by protecting it into the ground. 148/4

58.1 Y Shah to Wattling, compliment off-pressed, and Wattling hits him straight at a silly point on the bounce. But he was not hurt. 148/4

57.6 B Asif to Nicholas, changes the angle of the left and bowls it over the blanket. It's out there and it's left alone. 148/4

57.5 B Assif to Wattling, in the air … but sure! The jump there surprised Wattling. It's a bit shorter around, it throws and then takes off. Wattling was planning to play the shot but then to see the jump, checking his shot. It goes indifferently toward a square foot for running. 148/4

57.4 B Assif to Wattling, giving it air-off, the batter protects the front leg. 147/4

57.3 B Asif to Nichols, a shorter out-pressed, Nicholas returns back fists towards the cover for the run. 147/4

57.2 B Assif to H Nicholas, this is carefully driven towards the goal player who makes a good stop to his right. 146/4

57.1 B Assif to Wattling, it worked through a square foot with a run queue. 146/4

56.6 Y Shah to Nicholls, Fuller and Outside, Nicholls comes forward to protect and is hit on the cushion but the effect is out there, so there is no problem here for Kiwi. 145/4

56.5 Y Shah to Nicholls, Nicholas takes a big step and sweeps him to a fine short leg. But do not run. 145/4

56.4 Y Shah to Nicholls, this one off the way, Nicholas prods ahead and pads it. The ball staggers beside the leg. There is no risk here. 145/4

56.3 Y Shah to Nicholls, well experienced outside, Nicholas is drawn forward and his forward defense experience takes the inner edge. Luckily, he falls far from the field of short leg. 145/4

56.2 Y Shah to Wattling, flat again out of the press, Wotling cuts it away again and point to one picks. Bounce more on it. 145/4

56.1 Y Shah to Watling, compliment well outside off, and Wattling cuts it straight. 144/4

Yasser Shah returned to the attack now.

55.6 B Asif to Nicholas, a short delivery to finish off, Nicholas pushes him back towards mid-in. Bilal starts to turn around, but he turns slowly, and the ball that goes around is outside, so nothing has to worry. 144/4

55.5 Asif to Nicholas, another blurred ball is off, Henry blocks him on the ground. 144/4

55.4 B Asif to Nicholas, the batsman played this front foot into the ground. 144/4

55.3 B Assif to Nicholas, giving it a nice amount of air off, HN prods forward and keeping it out. 144/4

55.2 B Assif to Nicholas, compliment alternately, Nicholas goes back on the ground. 144/4

55.1 B Asif to Nicholas, snowy and well around, the batter lunges and keeps it. 144/4

54.6 M Abbas to Nicholas, this ball is on the cushions and is played by Henry with an angle towards the square foot for running. 144/4

54.5 M Abbas to Nicholas, this ball is on good length on the middle, Nicholas plays it in the middle with a straight bat. Do not run. 143/4

54.4 M Abbas to Nicholas, it's also out on the length, Nicholas shoulders arms to him. 143/4

54.3 M Abbas to Nicholas, the ball is only short of length and Nicholas goes back to the defender with a straight bat. 143/4

54.2 M Abbas Watling, a little better than a good length, the batsman throws him away a square foot deep for one. 143/4

54.1 M Abbas to Wattling, the guard went up to the stump. The ball was well in and out of it, protected by a short cover vatting. 142/4

53.6 B Asif to Nicholas, short and mid, Nicholas remained in the fold and shield. 142/4

53.5 B Assif to BJ Watling, this ball is flatter and make a watling, he rocks back and pulls him to a deep square foot run. 142/4

53.4 B Assif To Wattling, Flat Ball On Discount, Wattling covers the turn and protects it. 141/4

53.3 B Assif to Wattling, a huge appeal from Pakistan but the judge is not shocked. The ball was airborne on the stump and slightly swirling, and Wattling descends and tries to sweep it but misses to get hit on pillows. After a long discussion, Serafres decides not to go for an examination. Reaysays show that the ball hits the forearm before going on to hit the pads. So it is a good decision of Pakistan not to go up. 141/4

53.2 Asif's Watling stoops on a stump, and Aattling plays it with soft hands on the ground beside the leg. 141/4

53.1 B Asif to Wattling, flying in the middle, Wattling comes forward and protects it on the leg side. 141/4

52.6 M Abbas Watling, full and angling again on the middle again, wattling and flashing it again but this time diving in the middle of the middle wicket to his right keeps him up to one. 141/4

52.5 M Abbas to Wattling, four! Wonderful to flip the pillows and this time the gap. The ball is overpitched and cushions, easily worked square-foot side to the fence. 140/4

52.4 M Abbas to Wattling, full of pillows, and Wattling flips him from his pads straight up again in the middle of a short wicket. 136/4

52.3 M Abbas Watling, in the middle of the time, Wattling works it in the middle of the wicket. 136/4

52.2 M Abbas to Wattling, just off the road, Wattling is half forward and this one protects it to cover. 136/4

52.1 M Abbas Lautling, a long ball on the stump, Wattling protects the front leg. 136/4

51.6 B Assif to Nicholas, spins and hits the edge! Nicholls comes forward to protect the ball out on full length and the ball turns away hitting the outer edge. 136/4

51.5 B Asif to Nicholas, this one outside outside outside, left alone left by left this time. 136/4

51.4 B Assif to Nicholas, a little flattering this time outside the outside, Nicholas goes on the back foot and plays it in a short cover. 136/4

51.3 B Asif to Nicholas, even more than a loop this time, Nicholas keeps him again. 136/4

51.2 B Asif to Nicholas, bound outside outside again, Nicholas covers the spin and shield. 136/4

51.1 B Asif to Nicholas, flying out of the press, Nicholas prods forward and defending. 136/4

Bilal Asif to a bowl on the other side.

50.6 Abbas Lovling, a good comeback from Abbas. Apart from the first ball there were all the rest on the paint. This one is about good length, BJ hits it back forward. 136/4

50.5 M Abbas to Wattling, along good time around, Wattling plays him aside. 136/4

50.4 M Abbas to Wattling, again again on the rebate, bunted down. 136/4

50.3 M Abbas to Wattling, Ted full around and around, Wattling keeps him. 136/4

50.2 Abbas Lautling, it's Abbas we know. The length of the ball is in a stump line, and Wattling blocks it with a straight bat. 136/4

50.1 M Abbas Lautling, comes over the rift and puts it short and wide. A rare case from Abbas. Cut the past point for the brace. 136/4

We returned to our afternoon meeting. BJ Watling and Henry Nichols will continue their rounds. For the hosts, Muhammad Abbas will be the first bowl.

… Day 3, Session 2 …

New Zealand will be disappointed because there were not many questions the court threw at them. They needed a little more implementation. After saying this, do not take anything from the Pakistan bowlers. They worked hard and received their rewards. They'll come back and do the same. Join us for a meeting for lunch in time!

The meeting of Pakistan without a doubt! 3 massive wickets almost one towards the end of the session. The first is the biggest, the New Skipper. Ross Taylor hosted until he was there in the middle but played one shot too much and was caught parachuting up front by Hassan Ali special. The latter picked another one as he was well set and Raval was caught behind.

49.6 B Asif to Nicholas, outside, remains alone. It will be lunch on day 3! 134/4

49.5 B Assif to Wattling, BYE! Down the leg, Wattling goes on to pull but misses. The guard failed to collect it cleanly. The ball rolls towards a short fine foot to Bei taken. 134/4

49.4 B Assif to Wattling, it's thrown up, blocked. 133/4

49.3 B ASIF TO WATTING, NOT OUT! Missing leg! I have not seen it deserve to be honest. Excellent use of technology by New Zealand. It is thrown around, and it returns inward after pitching. Wattling shuffles across going on the back foot, he tries to flick but misses to get hit on the pillows. The next appeal and the judge agrees. Wattling goes upto his partner and then the signals. Re rollays roll and it shows that it goes down the leg. Wattling survives to fight another day and New Zealand has to breathe a sigh of relief. 133/4

Wattling is a gonner! He got the LBW but he reviewed. Looks out to be honest.

49.2 B Assif to Wattling, works with a mid-wicket turn. 133/4

49.1 B Assif to Wattling, giving him the air around, the batsman keeps it. 133/4

48.6 M Abbas to Nicholas, Well bowling and well played! It is turned off and then straightens. It also bounces touch. Nicholls first tries to protect but then to see the extra spring, pulling his bat out of the way. 133/4

48.5 M Abbas to Nicholas, attack the pole again, HN blocks him on the ground. 133/4

48.4 M Abbas to Nicholas, around, the batter enters right behind the line and protects it. 133/4

48.3 M Abbas Watling, on pillows, it worked on one leg for one. 133/4

48.2 M Abbas to Wattling, on the full side and he comes into contact. The batsman strokes him in the middle. 132/4

48.1 M Abbas to Wattling, length again out of the tight, bats shoulders and arms to him. 132/4

47.6 B Assif to Nicholas H, intermittently, blocked. 132/4

47.5 Unnamed: B Assif to Nicholas, well at Old! It flatters and around, it moves and straightens contact. HN goes back and plays inside the line to get hit. 132/4

47.4 B Assif to Wattling, uses his legs and then works through the middle of the wicket to rotate a strike. Build a good partnership for New Zealand. 132/4

47.3 B Assif to Wattling, the spinner on the middle, and Wattling working in this short leg. 131/4

47.2 B Asif to Nichols, the shorter off-pressed, Nicholas returns and slaps him through the run point. 131/4

47.1 B Asif to Nicholas, slightly short and flickering, the batsman flings him in the middle of the middle for a couple. 130/4

46.6 M Abbas Watling, again a straight line. It seems a plan with two middle wickets in place, they hope for the batter to flip it happily to one. This does not happen, because Watling flies him all the way to the man in the middle of the break. 128/4

46.5 M Abbas to Wattling, on stump and he is transported in the middle of the wicket. 128/4

46.4 M Abbas Watling, a bit too straight this time, BJ works it in the middle of the wicket. 128/4

46.3 M Abbas Watling, on the full side and he tails back into contact. The batsman strokes him back into his pants. 128/4

46.2 M Abbas Watling, length again and around, it remains outside. 128/4

46.1 M Abbas to Wattling, a good alternating length, the batter protects the ground. 128/4

45.6 B Assif to Nicholas, upper tip but sure! It's flying outside, and Nicholas tries to sweep but bounce off the rest causing problems. It takes a top edge but lands in the ground of a person in a short fined foot area. A couple was taken. Sarfraz was heard saying to be ready for the top but not sure which player. The top edge was induced but there was no player there. 128/4

45.5 B Assif to Nicholas, giving him a nice loop on the middle, HN prods ahead and trying to save it. 126/4

45.4 Unnamed: B Assif to Nicholas, good turn over there! However, this bowling should have been a little closer to the outside of the page. It floats off the road, Nicholas first thinks of playing it but then seeing the turn, pulling the shot. 126/4

45.3 B Assif to Wattling, on the short side, the batter goes on the back foot and pulled him towards the deep square foot run. 126/4

45.2 B Assif to Wattling, descends on one knee and splashes it in a fine side leg to run. 125/4

45.1 Asif's Watling gives him air, and Aattling shakes him. 123/4

Bilal Assif was attacked.

44.6 M Abbas to Nicholas H, full around and around, Nicholas reaches out to him and strokes him to cover. 123/4

44.5 M Abbas to Nicholas, alternating and it is preserved. It is the line which is bowls on a regular basis, however, it was a little too outside today outside. 123/4

44.4 M Abbas to Nicholas, comes around the gate but the line is not right, he's out and the bat allows it. 123/4

44.3 M Abbas to Nicholas, closer to the pole this time, Nicholas gets right behind the line and protects it. 123/4

44.2 M Abbas to Nicholas, good again and again outside, the batter again will not mess with it. 123/4

44.1 M Abbas to Nicholas, on the outside length, the ball remains alone. 123/4

Mohammed Abbas returns.

43.6 Y Shah to Wattling, it's faster and a bit more on the middle, Wattling returns back and whips it in the middle of the wicket for the brace. 123/4

43.5 Y Shah ל ואטלינג, נותן לו לולאה יפה את החובט שומר את זה. 121/4

43.4 Y Shah ל Nicholls, למטה בצד הרגל, Nicholls מחכה הכדור לעשות קצת שלה ואז עובד בסדר גמור לאורך הרגל. שלושה נלקחו. 121/4

43.3 Y Shah ל H ניקולס, הוא טס מחוץ לחוץ, זה נשאר בחוץ. 118/4

43.2 Y Shah ל Nicholls, מוציאה את יריות לטאטא אבל מתגעגע הוא פגע על כריות. אין סיכון מה כל כך כמו ניקולס צמחים הרגל הקדמית שלו מחוץ לקו של גדם את הגדם. 118/4

43.1 Y Shah ל Nicholls, מטיל את זה מסביב, ניקולס lunges ומגן על זה. 118/4

42.6 H עלי ווטלינג, על הצד הקצר, החובט מגן על הקרקע. 118/4

42.5 H עלי אל H ניקולס, בצד הקצר, ניקולס מסתובב ומושך אותו דרך רגל מרובע לריצה. 118/4

42.4 H עלי אל H ניקולס, בצד המלא, החובט דוחף אותו מרובע בצד בצד אבל מוצא את השוער. 117/4

42.3 H עלי כדי ניקולס, אורך טוב סביב סביב, זה חסום. 117/4

42.2 H עלי כדי ניקולס, רופף, שבץ רופף! קצר מחוץ רחב מחוץ, ניקולס הולך לחתוך את גופו אבל למרבה המזל בשבילו הוא מקבל מכות. 117/4

42.1 H עלי כדי ניקולס, בחזרה של אורך על הנחה, זה נשאר בחוץ. 117/4

41.6 Y Shah ל ואטלינג, החובט שיחק זה את הרגל הקדמית לתוך האדמה. 117/4

41.5 Y Shah ל Watling, להחמיא לסירוגין, החובט שומר את זה. 117/4

41.4 Y Shah ל ואטלינג, ארבע! בחרתי את קו המשלוח במהירות. זה למטה בצד הרגל, ואטלינג במהירות יורד על ברך אחת ומשכשכת אותו בסדר בצד הרגל. הוא מתרוצץ אל הגדר. 117/4

41.3 Y Shah ל ואטלינג, החובט שיחק זה את הרגל הקדמית לתוך האדמה. 113/4

41.2 Y Shah ל ואטלינג, נותן אותו באוויר באמצע, הוא מסתובב משם כל כך מעט. ואטלינג מנסה קפיצי אבל מקבל קצה מוביל רך לכיוון כריכות. 113/4

41.1 Y Shah ל Nicholls, זה מרחף מסביב, החובט מטאטא אותו דרך רגל מרובע לריצה. 113/4

40.6 H עלי ווטלינג, בצד הקצר, ואטלינג עומד גבוה ומגן על האדמה. 112/4

40.5 H עלי ווטלינג, עוד inswinger מ off, BJ הוא מוצק להגנה. 112/4

40.4 H עלי ווטלינג, מלא ורחב בחוץ, זה חוזר אבל לא מספיק כדי להפוך את החובט לשחק. 112/4

40.3 H עלי ווטלינג, על אורך ומסביב את זה, זה נשאר בחוץ. 112/4

40.2 H עלי ווטלינג, יותר טוב! קערות אותו קרוב יותר אל מחוץ לקוטב, זה נשאר בחוץ. 112/4

40.1 H עלי ווטלינג, ארבע! Freebie עבור ואטלינג כדי לקבל את סימן! קצר מחוץ רחב מחוץ, BJ חותך אותו דרך נקודת לאחור עבור גבול. 112/4

39.6 Y Shah ל Nicholls, נותן את זה קצת יותר אוויר הפעם ניקולס זה מוצק להגנה. 108/4

39.5 Y Shah ל Nicholls, בצד הקצר יותר, ניקולס מגן עליה על הקרקע. יאסר כנראה צריך לקערה מעל זווית פשפש, מאיים בשני הקצוות, רק יכול ליצור הזדמנויות נוספות. 108/4

39.4 Y Shah ל Nicholls, למטה בצד הרגל, החובט מתגעגע קפיצי. 108/4

39.3 Y Shah ל Nicholls, מוציאה את הטאטא אבל misimes זה דרך רגל מרובע. 108/4

39.2 Y Shah ל Nicholls, עוד טווה רגל ניקולס עובד זה מעבר לפינה ללא ריצות. 108/4

39.1 Y Shah לניקולס, נותן את זה באוויר בחוץ, ניקולס עובד אותו באמצע wicket עם התור. 108/4

38.6 H עלי ווטלינג, על אורך וסביב, ואטלינג שומר אותו. מבריק על ידי חסן, שלושה ריצות ושני wickets ממנו. 108/4

בי.טי ואטלינג הוא האיש החדש.

38.5 H עלי אל Raval, OUT! EDGED ו לקחת! השני של מעל וניו זילנד נמצאים עכשיו גדול, צרות גדולות. ראואל נופל ארבע ירה של חמישים. דברים מצויינים מאת חסן עלי. הוא קיבל את הידית הימנית עם המטען, ועכשיו הוא מקבל את המשמר השמאלי עם שוטר. על אורך ומסביב את, הוא זווית הראשונה לתוך החובט ולאחר מכן מקבל את זה כדי לעצב משם מגע מאוחר. ראבאל משחק בתוך הקו, הכדור מנשק את הקצה החיצוני וצ'רפרז אחמד מאחור אינו טועה. פקיסטן הם אקסטטיים כרגע וניו זילנד הם למעשה 34 עבור 4. 108/4

Adsylon H עלי אל Raval, תוקפנות טובה על ידי באולר! מלא ו לסירוגין, הוא מונע בחזרה באולר. הוא משתעשע על הקצה של החלוץ ואז נותן את החובט מבט. עכשיו יש לו זנב. 108/3

38.3 H עלי אל ניקולס, הולך על yorker אבל בסופו של דבר באולינג לזרוק מלא, החובט מלטפת אותו באמצע על אוספת שלושה. ניקולס הוא סימן את זה עם סימן. 108/3

38.2 H עלי כדי ניקולס, האחורי של אורך על הנחה, ניקולס מגן על זה על הקרקע. 105/3

הנרי ניקולס הוא האיש החדש.

Adsylon עלי טיילור, OUT! ללא שם: זהו לחלוטין plumb מלפנים! חסן עלי מכה! כנראה את הכדור הראשון אשר הגיע דרך ארוכה והיא סיפקה את פשפש עבור פקיסטן. על אורך ומסביב את זה, זה חוזר מאוחר. טיילור צמחים הרגל הקדמית שלו ממש על פני ואז נכשל כדי להתאים את ב-דיפר. הוא מתגעגע לסטייק והכדור פוגע בפנקס הקדמי. הערעור הבא והשופט מרים את אצבעו מיד. טיילור מתחיל ללכת בחזרה כפי שהוא ידע שהוא ברווז מת. 105/3

37.6 Y Shah ל טיילור, עובד זה נגד התור עבור אחד באמצע wicket. טיילור יש הבקיע את כל הריצות בשותפות זו אשר שווה 19 כרגע. 105/2

37.5 Y Shah ל טיילור, מהר יותר וזה בתוך זה בין אורך. טיילור אינו בטוח אם לנגן אותו בחזית או ברגל האחורית. בסופו של דבר הוא מגן עליה מתוך הקפל. 104/2

37.4 Y Shah ל טיילור, להחמיא סביב סביב, טיילור מגן על זה על הקרקע. 104/2

37.3 Y Shah ל טיילור, טיילור רוקד לאורך המסלול אבל לא להגיע למגרש של הכדור. הוא מגן עליה. 104/2

37.2 Y Shah ל R Taylor, האם זה ירד? ובכן, אם לשפוט לפי התגובה של השחקנים פקיסטן, זה נראה כך. זה היה פיטורים משונה. טיילור יש בהחלט קרם כי לעבר נקודה מטופשת מי לוקח פעולה מתחמקת. הכדור פוגע במגפונו ונוטף לעבר יאסר הצולל קדימה ומנסה לקחת אותו, אך נכשל בכך. לא היה משנה אם הכדור ניתר לפני שפגע ברגלו. 104/2

37.1 Y Shah ל טיילור, נותן לו לולאה נחמד מסביב, הוא מסתובב. טיילור עושה חופשה. 104/2

הפסקת משקאות! שעה טובה מאוד למשחקים של הניו זילנדים, אם תוציא את פתיל הסקיפר שלהם. הם מחקו את הגירעון ואת המגרש נראה די קל להכות עכשיו. וויליאמסון יבעט בעצמו על ריכוז. פקיסטן תהיה מאושרת ותראה לבחור עוד פשפש או שניים לפני ארוחת הצהריים.

36.6 H עלי כדי Raval, פגוש נוסף כדי לסיים את מעל! Raval ברווזים תחת זה בקלות. 104/2

36.5 H עלי כדי Raval, קצת יותר מדי מחוץ לחוץ, נותר לבד. 104/2

36.4 H עלי כדי Raval, עוד כדור קצר אבל לא הרבה fizz. ראבאל מאחורי הקו ומגן אותו על הקרקע. 104/2

36.3 H עלי אל Raval, שינוי טוב אורך שם! סוהר מכוון היטב על ידי עלי. ראבאל ברווזים מתחת זה ממש בסוף. 104/2

36.2 H עלי כדי Raval, אורך שוב מסביב, רבל מקבל קדימה חוסם את זה. 104/2

36.1 H עלי אל Raval, אורך טוב מחוץ ממש מחוץ, Raval עושה חופשה. 104/2

35.6 Y Shah ל טיילור, קצר יותר מהר הפעם על האמצע והרגליים, טיילור צעדים אחורה והגנה עליו עם עטלף ישר. כדור טוב לסיים את מעל אשר היה 14 יורד ממנה. 104/2

35.5 Y Shah ל טיילור, ארבע! זהו הגבול השלישי של מעל. טיילור יורד במורד השער ומרים אותו מעל אמצע הלילה. הכדור הוא מהיר באמצע. טיילור יורד וממיר את זה לתוך חצי מטח כשהוא ממשיך להיות תוקפני והתקפות נגד נגד טווה הרגל. 104/2

35.4 Y Shah ל טיילור, קצר היטב מחוץ לחוץ שוב, טיילור חותך שוב אבל זה ישר אל נקודת השוער. 100/2

35.3 Y Shah ל R טיילור, ארבע! Short and outside off again, Taylor cuts it again, this time to the right of point and for four again. The hundred is up for the Black Caps. The Pakistanis are feeding Taylor with bad balls. 100/2

35.2 Y Shah to Taylor, FOUR! This is a poor ball outside off, Taylor cuts it behind point for four. Backward point dives but can't stop this one. Taylor is playing a lot of shots this morning. 96/2

35.1 Y Shah to Taylor, Flighted outside off, Taylor comes down the wicket and drives through the covers for a couple. 92/2

34.6 H Ali to Raval, On the middle stump this time, Raval is solid in defense. 90/2

34.5 H Ali to Raval, On a good length and angling away from the left-hander, Raval lets this one go. 90/2

34.4 H Ali to Taylor, Short of a good length and on middle, Taylor plays it down the ground with a straight bat and goes to the other end. 90/2

34.3 H Ali to Taylor, On a good length and middle this time, Taylor stays back and defends to mid on. 89/2

34.2 H Ali to Taylor, This is slightly fuller and on off, driven hard but straight to mid off. 89/2

34.1 H Ali to Taylor, Good length ball just outside off, Taylor comes ahead and defends it with the full face of the bat. 89/2

33.6 Y Shah to Taylor, Full and quick on middle again, Taylor sweeps it again but middles it this time. Goes straight to backward square leg for a run. 89/2

33.5 Y Shah to Taylor, The ball is fuller and on middle now, Taylor goes for the sweep. The ball takes the top edge and goes in the air toward fine leg for a couple. 88/2

Ross Taylor walks out to the middle.

33.4 Y Shah to K Williamson, OUT! Bowled 'em! A peach out of nowhere from Yasir Shah. The New Zealand skipper has a lapse of concentration and plays back to a ball that he should've probably been ahead to. The ball is around middle and turns away very slightly. Enough to beat the outside edge of Williamson's bat as he is looking to defend. The ball seems to have clipped the off pole and the Pakistan players start celebrating. The umpire though, just to be sure, take it upstairs to check if the stumps have not been disturbed by Sarfraz. Replays roll in and it shows Yasir has cleaned Williamson up. Huge wicket in the context of the game! The stand of 86-runs comes to an end and Williamson walks back after getting a start. New Zealand in a spot of bother, they are effectively 12 for 2. 86/2

33.3 Y Shah to Raval, Shorter and spinning into the pads this time, Raval plays it to deep square leg for a run. 86/1

33.2 Y Shah to Raval, Pitched wide outside off, Raval takes a big stride forward and defends it into the ground. 85/1

33.1 Y Shah to Raval, Around the wicket to the left-hander now. An extra man around the bat now at silly point. The ball is flighted outside off, Raval comes ahead to defend it. 85/1

32.6 H Ali to Williamson, Good length ball on middle, Williamson is half ahead as he plays it mid on. 85/1

32.5 H Ali to Williamson, Short of a length and outside off. Kane ducks down and lets it go through. 85/1

32.4 H Ali to Williamson, Good ball this time, slightly quicker and keeps a little low. Williamson gets down and keeps it out well. 85/1

32.3 H Ali to Williamson, Drifting onto the pads this time, Williamson plays it to short mid-wicket. No run. 85/1

32.2 H Ali to Williamson, Outside off on a length this time, Williamson plays a good looking shot to cover. 85/1

32.1 H Ali to Williamson, On a good length, outside off. Williamson cover the line of the delivery and defends it. 85/1

The ball is not doing a lot for the Pakistan and the two batters are playing quite comfortably.

Hasan Ali is now into the attack.

31.6 Y Shah to K Williamson, Outside off, driven away to sweeper cover for a single. 85/1

31.5 Y Shah to Williamson, Looped on off, Kane prods ahead and smothers the spin on this one by defending it into the ground. 84/1

31.4 Y Shah to Williamson, Quicker at the pads, Williamson defends it off the back foot. 84/1

31.3 Y Shah to Williamson, Shorter and quicker outside off, Williamson cuts it to backward point. 84/1

31.2 Y Shah to Raval, Full and outside off, Raval drives to the right of mid off and gives the strike back to the skipper. 84/1

31.1 Y Shah to Williamson, Looped and on off, Williamson takes a step down and drives to mid on and is immediately off for a single. Easily into the crease at the non-striker's end as mid on has a shy at the stumps. 83/1

30.6 M Abbas to Raval, On length and angling in towards off stump, Raval defends it into the ground, this time off the front foot. 82/1

30.5 M Abbas to K Williamson, Good length outside off again and a beautiful drive through the covers this time. The boundary is quite long and the batsmen come back for three easily. 82/1

30.4 M Abbas to K Williamson, FOUR! What a classy shot! Good length and just outside off. Not much wrong with the ball but that's the class of the batsman. Williamson guides it beautifully in the gap towards the left of point for a boundary. 79/1

30.3 M Abbas to Williamson, On a good length and just outside off, Kane defends to cover very watchfully. 75/1

30.2 M Abbas to Williamson, Good length and on middle, Williamson is rock solid in defense. 75/1

30.1 M Abbas to Williamson, Short and outside off, Williamson lets it go through to Sarfraz. 75/1

29.6 Y Shah to Raval, Short of a length and decent turn but way down the leg side, the left-hander wants to flick it away but misses the ball to be hit on his thigh guard. 75/1

29.5 Y Shah to Raval, Spins away and well down the leg side, Raval wants to poke it away in the gap but doesn't get willow on it. 75/1

29.4 Y Shah to Raval, Shorter and quicker on middle, Raval goes back in his crease and defends. 75/1

29.3 Y Shah to Raval, Goes slightly short this time, Raval just works it off his pads towards square leg. 75/1

29.2 Y Shah to Raval, Looped up on middle and spinning in, Raval plays it to mid-wicket. 75/1

29.1 Y Shah to Raval, Good drift on this ball after landing outside off, Raval tries to drive but gets the inside edge that goes onto the leg side. 75/1

28.6 M Abbas to Williamson, On length and on the middle stump line, Williamson plays a wristy shot to short mid-wicket. 75/1

28.5 M Abbas to Raval, Surprise bouncer this time at the body, Raval jumps and manages to keep it down and plays it behind square on the leg side for a single. 75/1

28.4 M Abbas to Raval, On middle this time, Raval wants to drive it down the ground. The ball goes off the inner half of the bat, hits the pad and rolls onto the leg side. No run. 74/1

28.3 M Abbas to Raval, Well outside off on this occasion as the left-hander just shoulders his arms to it. 74/1

28.2 M Abbas to Raval, Fuller and outside off, Raval gets right behind the line of the delivery and defends it comfortably. 74/1

28.1 M Abbas to Raval, From around the wicket, slightly short of a length and on off. Raval goes back and defends it back to the bowler. 74/1

27.6 Y Shah to Williamson, Not great bowling from Yasir, on the pads again, Williamson stays back and easily defends it toward short mid-wicket. 74/1

27.5 Y Shah to Williamson, Shorter and quicker on middle, it is defended off the back foot by the batsman. 74/1

27.4 Y Shah to Raval, This ball is flighted and on middle, Raval makes room to drive it through the covers and picks up a single. New Zealand on level terms with Pakistan now. 74/1

27.3 Y Shah to Raval, Similar ball and similarly defended again. 73/1

27.2 Y Shah to Raval, Full and quick at the pads, Raval brings his bat ahead of his front leg and defends it. 73/1

27.1 Y Shah to Raval, Fuller and on leg stump, Raval plays it to short mid-wicket. 73/1

26.6 M Abbas to Williamson, On a good length and just above off stump, the skipper defends presenting the full face of the bat. 73/1

26.5 M Abbas to Williamson, Low bounce on this occasion and angling down the leg side, Williamson looks to help it on its way but the ball is way down leg for him to get bat on it. 73/1

26.4 M Abbas to Raval, Around the wicket this time, Raval takes a step forward and pushes into the gap through the covers and picks up three. New Zealand now trail only by a run. 73/1

26.3 M Abbas to Raval, On a length and off stump now, Raval is half ahead and defends it into the ground. 70/1

26.2 M Abbas to Raval, Slightly shorter and outside off this time. Comes in a bit after landing, Raval lets it go through watchfully. 70/1

26.1 M Abbas to Raval, On a good length and well outside off, Raval leaves it alone. 70/1

25.6 Y Shah to Raval, On the pads and slightly short this time, the leftie flicks it away to square leg for a single. Good over for New Zealand as 9 comes from it. 70/1

25.5 Y Shah to Raval, Full and outside off again, no spin yet. Raval comes ahead and defends again. 69/1

25.4 Y Shah to Raval, FOUR! Over the top this time, the ball is full and outside off again. Raval hits it over mid on for another boundary. Positive from intent from Raval this morning. 69/1

25.3 Y Shah to Raval, Quick one again on off stump, Raval defends on the front foot. 65/1

25.2 Y Shah to Raval, FOUR! The ball is full and on middle, Raval dances down the wicker and whips it through wide mid on, it beats the dive of that fielder and races to the fence. 65/1

25.1 Y Shah to Raval, Quicker and fuller on off, Raval comes ahead and defends it straight back to the bowler. 61/1

24.6 M Abbas to Williamson, Slightly fuller and on off stump, Williamson defends as he is half-forward to this one. 61/1

24.5 M Abbas to Williamson, Outside off and on a length again, Williamson shoulders arms again. 61/1

24.4 M Abbas to Williamson, Well outside off this time, the skipper leaves it alone easily. 61/1

24.3 M Abbas to Williamson, Back to just outside off and on a length, Williamson covers his off pole and then lets it go through. 61/1

24.2 M Abbas to K Williamson, Length ball on middle, Williamson presents the full face of the bat as he defends to mid on. 61/1

24.1 M Abbas to Williamson, Starts off on a good length, Williamson stays inside the crease and defends with a straight bat. 61/1

Mohammad Abbas is into the attack.

23.6 Y Shah to Raval, Flatter and quicker on off stump, Raval stays back to this one and defends it. 61/1

23.5 Y Shah to Raval, Small appeal from the bowler but Raval was well ahead to that one. It was pitched outside off and he comes ahead to that one but misses it, the ball hits him on the front pad. Going down leg. 61/1

23.4 Y Shah to Raval, Full and flighted outside off this time, Raval prods ahead and dead bats it. 61/1

23.3 Y Shah to Raval, FOUR! Slightly shorter, Raval goes back and punches it straight down the ground to the long off fence. First boundary today. 61/1

23.2 Y Shah to Raval, Good length and starting on middle, spins away down leg and hits Raval on the pad as he comes ahead to defend. 57/1

23.1 Y Shah to Williamson, Nice and flighted outside off, first run of the morning as Williamson comes forward and pushes it through cover for a single. 57/1

Yasir Shah to bowl from the other end.

22.6 M Hafeez to Raval, Full and on off again, the batsman comes well forward and defends. 56/1

22.5 M Hafeez to Raval, From around the wicket, nice and flighted on middle. Raval comes ahead and defends. 56/1

We are all set for the action to resume. Jeet Raval and Kane Williamson will resume their innings. Mohammad Hafeez will complete his over. He has two balls to go. Here we go…

The first hour of play will be crucial and New Zealand's skipper and best batsman, Kane Williamson will have to shoulder the responsibility of guiding the Black Caps through this phase of play. The pitch is certainly a tough one to play on but not unplayable. Pakistan, on the other hand will be looking to knock off the mainstay and bowl out the visitors cheaply as batting fourth on this pitch will be really tricky and they'd like their target to be as low as possible. Join us for live action in a bit!

Welcome to Day 3 of the first Test between Pakistan and New Zealand. We have had riveting action over the past two days and the match is pretty evenly poised right now. New Zealand after a dismal Day 1 have done really well to recover and pull this game back on Day 2 and generate interest. Looking forward to today's play, one of the factors could be how the weather behaves. There is forecast for showers over the day but we hope it stays away as the Test enters the 'moving day' and we will get a fair idea as to who will be ahead by the end of today.

… Day 3, Session 1 …

The surface was expected to prefer the batsmen, but it has proved quite even and provided something to all. Day 3 is poised quite well and it could make for good viewing for the neutrals. That is, of course, if it doesn't rain as there's some forecast for it. For now, the action will begin on time at 1000 local (0600 GMT). Do join in for all the action. Take care!

A good day for the Black Caps. They took 8 Pakistan wickets since the day started, restricting the lead to just 74 runs. Trent Boult was the leader of the pack as he ran riot with a 4-wicket haul, with the rest chipping in with handy contributions of their own. If not for Babar Azam and his solid fifty, Pakistan's lead would have been slimmer. In response, New Zealand lost Latham early as Hasan Ali removed him but Kane Williamson and Jeet Raval have looked as assured as anyone after that with their stand currently unbeaten on 56. Their team trails by just 18 runs.

So, the umpires take another reading and decide it isn't good enough now to continue. Play has been called off due to bad light. That's STUMPS ON DAY 2!

22.4 M Hafeez to Raval, Around the wicket now, floated on off, blocked from the front foot. 56/1

22.3 M Hafeez to Williamson, Flat and short on leg, Kane works it off his pads and sends it to deep mid-wicket for one run. 56/1

22.2 M Hafeez to Williamson, Quite slow through the air, fuller around off, Williamson is well forward in defense. 55/1

22.1 M Hafeez to Williamson, Minimal spin around off, kept out off the back foot. 55/1

The umpire takes out his light meter and checks. The reading shows it's fine enough to continue. The floodlights are on. Also, Mohammad Hafeez into the attack now.

21.6 Y Shah to Raval, The ball is down the leg side but the batsman still goes after it. Misses it in the end. 55/1

21.5 Y Shah to Raval, The leg break spinning in a long way from outside off, Jeet goes back and works it down on the leg side. 55/1

21.4 Y Shah to Raval, Extremely full outside off, pushed square towards point. 55/1

21.3 Y Shah to Williamson, Flat and short on off, forced from the back foot to sweeper cover for a single. 55/1

21.2 Y Shah to Williamson, Leg spinner outside off, on a driving length, Williamson comes forward to defend but gets beaten. 54/1

21.1 Y Shah to J Raval, Good running between the wickets. Raval wrists this towards Bilal at mid on and both batsmen take off. There is a shy at the non-striker's end but it misses. Had he hit, would have been close. 54/1

20.6 B Asif to Williamson, Spinning down leg, Williamson looks to flick but misses. 53/1

20.5 B Asif to Raval, Full delivery outside off, driven square on the off side for a single. 53/1

20.4 B Asif to Raval, FOUR! Floated on middle and off, Raval gets forward and across before bringing out the lap shot. Connects well, uses the pace and finds the fine leg fence. Beats the chasing fielder. Good shot. The 50 comes up for New Zealand, they trail by 22 runs. 52/1

20.3 B Asif to Raval, Full and slow on off, blocked with the full face. 48/1

20.2 B Asif to Raval, Landed outside off on a driving length, Jeet shoulders arms to it. 48/1

20.1 B Asif to Raval, Flatter and quicker angling in on leg, Raval gets low and paddles it fine down the leg side. He'll get a brace for it. 48/1

19.6 Y Shah to Williamson, Tad quicker through the air on off, punched back in the bowler's direction to end the over. 46/1

19.5 Y Shah to Williamson, Turning away from around off, on a shorter length, punched away square towards point. 46/1

19.4 Y Shah to Williamson, Flights it right up there, on middle and leg, a front foot defensive shot is presented in response. 46/1

19.3 Y Shah to Williamson, Short and flat, on off, whipped from the back foot to deep mid-wicket for a couple. 46/1

19.2 Y Shah to Williamson, Quicker and fuller outside off, Kane defends. 44/1

19.1 Y Shah to K Williamson, Full, loopy and on the stumps, drilled towards mid on for no run. 44/1

18.6 B Asif to Williamson, Moves across his sticks as the ball spins into him and clips it to the man at square leg for one. 44/1

18.5 B Asif to Williamson, The batsman has flicked the ball off his pads. 43/1

18.4 B Asif to Williamson, Kane goes on the back foot and works it away on the leg side. 43/1

18.3 B Asif to Raval, Quite full outside off from around the wicket, it's driven through the gap in the covers for one more. 43/1

18.2 B Asif to Williamson, Touch short around off, Kane works it square on the leg side and changes ends. 42/1

18.1 B Asif to Williamson, Full and straight, on the stumps, turned away in front of square leg. 41/1

17.6 Y Shah to Raval, Quick, flat and short outside off, punched off the back foot to covers. 41/1

17.5 Y Shah to Raval, Sharp spin into the batsman, catches him on the thigh pad as he looks to play off the back foot. 41/1

Sarfraz bringing another close-in fielder. A silly point in place now, along with the slip and short leg already positioned.

17.4 Y Shah to J Raval, Floated outside off, and coming in, Raval prods forward to defend but is caught on the front pad. Impact well outside off. 41/1

17.3 Y Shah to Raval, Watches the ball carefully, waits for it to turn into him and then defends off the back foot. 41/1

17.2 Y Shah to Raval, The batsman has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery. 41/1

17.1 Y Shah to Raval, Serves it on a driving length, coming in from outside off, the southpaw comes forward and blocks. 41/1

16.6 B Asif to Williamson, Goes on the back foot this time and works it to short leg once more. 41/1

16.5 B Asif to Williamson, Williamson comes forward, plays with the spin as he turns it to short leg. 41/1

16.4 B Asif to Raval, Looped up, outside off, pushed through covers off the front foot for one. 41/1

16.3 B Asif to Raval, Outside off, turning away, left alone. 40/1

16.2 B Asif to Raval, The short of length delivery has been cut away through square on the off side. The batsmen have picked up a couple of runs. 40/1

16.1 B Asif to Raval, Going away on the stumps, worked away on the leg side. 38/1

Bilal Asif is on to bowl.

15.6 Y Shah to Raval, That's missed everything completely! Great catch from umpire Bruce Oxenford. Yasir tosses it up around off, Raval goes down to sweep but misses and the ball goes through his legs. It races away behind as the batsmen take three. Everybody thought it was a leg bye, except for umpire Oxenford. 38/1

15.5 Y Shah to Raval, Waits for the ball to come to him, hangs back and blocks it well. 35/1

15.4 Y Shah to Raval, A lot of revs on this, outside off, Raval presses forward to get close to the pitch and gets an inside edge back onto his pads. 35/1

15.3 Y Shah to K Williamson, Short and flat, spinning away from outside off, cut to sweeper cover for a single. 35/1

15.2 Y Shah to K Williamson, Quite full on off, drilled out on the off side. 34/1

15.1 Y Shah to Williamson, Full and straight, Kane Williamson is well forward in defense. 34/1

14.6 M Abbas to Raval, FOUR! Welcome runs for Raval and New Zealand. Full and swinging back in, it's flicked through mid-wicket for a boundary. 34/1

14.5 M Abbas to Raval, Full delivery just outside off, defensively pushed towards the cover fielder. 30/1

14.4 M Abbas to Raval, Good length ball on the fifth stump line, arms are shouldered to let it through. 30/1

14.3 M Abbas to Raval, On a length on off, defended in front of cover from within the crease. 30/1

14.2 M Abbas to Raval, Brave leave. Length delivery just around off, shapes in and Raval leaves. Probably was missing off all along, but maybe even Raval didn't think it'd be this close to the off stump. 30/1

14.1 M Abbas to J Raval, Full length delivery shaping in on off, Jeet drives towards mid off. 30/1

Drinks are on the field. Pakistan got the early wicket of Latham thanks to a beauty from Hasan Ali, but haven't been able to take advantage of that. Williamson and Raval have done well to get their eye in and both look good. If this pair can see the day off, the visitors will be a happy bunch.

13.6 Y Shah to Williamson, Quick, straight and short on the stumps, punched straight back to the bowler. 30/1

13.5 Y Shah to Williamson, Short and wide, Kane cuts but can't beat the man at point. 30/1

13.4 Y Shah to K Williamson, Leans ahead to the full ball and eases it to mid off. 30/1

13.3 Y Shah to Williamson, Positions himself behind the line and blocks it out. 30/1

13.2 Y Shah to Williamson, Tossed up well outside off, going away, forces Williamson to play away from the body and the edge is drawn. Luckily for the Kiwi captain, it goes wide of first slip to third man. Two to the total. 30/1

13.1 Y Shah to Williamson, Bit quicker through the air on middle and leg, pushed back down the track off the back foot. 28/1

12.6 M Abbas to Raval, Good length ball on off, Raval nicely gets behind the line and blocks it with a straight bat. 28/1

12.5 M Abbas to Raval, Beaten on the drive this time! Abbas serves it on a fuller length outside off and gets it to shape away, Raval is tempted into the drive and is beaten. Abbas is getting closer and closer to taking his first wicket. 28/1

12.4 M Abbas to Raval, Beauty to beat the bat! Abbas is unreal to southpaws from 'round the wicket angle. His line just around off coupled with a wee bit of away movement always catches the batsman in trouble. This time Jeet is lucky not to edge it. 28/1

12.3 M Abbas to Raval, Pitches it on a length around off, Raval drives it towards extra cover where Bilal Asif dives and parries it to mid off. Good effort! 28/1

12.2 M Abbas to Raval, Once again Raval prods forward to defend but this time it takes the inside edge and deflects off his pads to covers. 28/1

12.1 M Abbas to Raval, Angles in a length ball on off, from 'round the wicket, Raval defends it off his front foot. 28/1

11.6 Y Shah to Williamson, Picks up the length early as it's flat and short outside off, punched through covers for a couple of runs. 28/1

11.5 Y Shah to Raval, The batsman flicks it away with a wristy shot. They have run through for a single. 26/1

11.4 Y Shah to Raval, Stays right behind the line and defends well. 25/1

11.3 Y Shah to Raval, Coming in once more, Jeet is deep inside the crease as he looks to turn it in front of short leg. Is rapped on the pads instead. 25/1

11.2 Y Shah to Raval, Outside off, with some width on offer, played through point for a brace. 25/1

11.1 Y Shah to Raval, The inside edge has saved him there. Yasir flights it up outside off, it spins back in off the rough as Raval presses forward to defend. The ball strikes his back pad, but not before taking the inside edge. 23/1

Yasir Shah returns.

10.6 M Abbas to Williamson, Touch fuller in length, it's blocked comfortably to end the over. 23/1

10.5 M Abbas to Williamson, Too straight in line, wristed in front of square leg. 23/1

10.4 M Abbas to Williamson, Not out! Williamson survives. Poor review from all involved. Abbas angles it in on middle and leg, it keeps going down and catches Kane on the pads. A big appeal goes up, but the umpire shakes his head. Abbas speaks with his skipper and then it's taken upstairs. Replays show the ball to be missing the leg stump. Clearly. Review lost. 23/1

Review taken. It's taken by Pakistan for an lbw decision against Kane Williamson. Looks to be going down leg to the naked eye.

10.3 M Abbas to Williamson, The batsman shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot. 23/1

10.2 M Abbas to Williamson, Length delivery aiming the top of off stump, stays inside the crease and blocks it back down the track. 23/1

10.1 M Abbas to Williamson, Tad straight in line, attacks the stumps, Kane blocks it down in front of mid-wicket. 23/1

Mohammad Abbas is back on.

9.6 H Sohail to Raval, Floats it right up there, Jeet is well forward in defense. 23/1

9.5 H Sohail to Raval, Uses the depth of the crease again, Raval has enough time to go back and turn it on the leg side. 23/1

9.4 H Sohail to Raval, Goes deep inside the crease, adjusts and works it to backward square leg. 23/1

9.3 H Sohail to Raval, Goes with the spin and turns it to square leg. 23/1

9.2 H Sohail to Williamson, Short and wide outside off, slapped the punch to sweeper cover for a single. 23/1

9.1 H Sohail to Williamson, A lot of air on off stump, driven to mid off. 22/1

Haris Sohail to roll his arm over.

8.6 Shah to Raval, Shout for a leg before, turned down. Maybe an inside edge there. Looped up leg break around off, turns in sharply and catches Jeet Raval on the pads as he prods ahead to defend. Seems some bat is involved. 22/1

8.5 Y Shah to Williamson, Spinning away from the batsman, it's cut through to sweeper cover for a run. 22/1

8.4 Y Shah to Williamson, FOUR! But that was a close one. Quicker one from Yasir, Williamson backs away to cut and almost gets bowled. Luckily, he played it well enough to cut it past short third man for a boundary. 21/1

8.3 Y Shah to Williamson, Well left. Kane watches the ball as it turns away from him, covers the line and lets it be. 17/1

8.2 Y Shah to Raval, Turning in from a shorter length this time, goes back and punches it through the covers. One run collected. 17/1

8.1 Y Shah to Raval, Tossed up leg break from around the wicket, spinning in, Raval presses forward and defends. 16/1

7.6 H Ali to Williamson, Some more chin music for the New Zealand captain. He just ducks under it and lets it pass. 16/1

7.5 H Ali to Williamson, Short and wide outside off, no way Williamson will play at that. 16/1

7.4 H Ali to Williamson, Back of a length delivery, close to off, kept out safely from within the crease. 16/1

7.3 H Ali to Williamson, Outside off, left alone for the keeper to collect. 16/1

7.2 H Ali to Williamson, Full in length, attacking the stumps, another defensive shot from Williamson. 16/1

7.1 H Ali to Williamson, Full ball outside off, blocked off the front foot. 16/1

6.6 Y Shah to Williamson, Loopy, slow and full outside off, invites Williamson forward and he pushes it through covers to keep strike. 16/1

6.5 Y Shah to Raval, Quicker and shorter, flicked off the back foot to deep mid-wicket for a run. 15/1

6.4 Y Shah to Raval, Goes with the spin and turns it on the leg side with soft hands. 14/1

6.3 Y Shah to Raval, Tossed up in line of the stumps, pushed back down the track. 14/1

6.2 Y Shah to Williamson, Looped up leg break, driven from the front foot through the covers for one. 14/1

6.1 Y Shah to Williamson, The flipper on off stump, Kane backs away and forces the punch to point. 13/1

Yasir Shah is into the attack now.

5.6 H Ali to Raval, Seaming into the left-hander from a fullish length, blocked off the front foot to end the over. 13/1

5.5 H Ali to Raval, In the channel outside off, arms are shouldered confidently. 13/1

5.4 H Ali to Raval, Keeps it on the fuller side, but brings it back in just outside off, Raval takes a step forward and meets it with the full face. 13/1

5.3 H Ali to J Raval, Full ball outside the line of off stump, driven to the mid off fielder. 13/1

5.2 H Ali to Raval, Coming in again but the line is a touch straight, Jeet whips this behind square leg and comes back for the second. 13/1

5.1 H Ali to Raval, From around the wicket and wide of the crease, swinging back in, Raval is rock solid in defense. Plays it down on the leg side. 11/1

4.6 M Abbas to Williamson, Keeps it close to off, it's defensively punched square to point. 11/1

4.5 M Abbas to Williamson, Targets the off stump with a length delivery, blocked with a straight blade in response. 11/1

4.4 M Abbas to Williamson, Wide outside off, reaches out to it and slaps it to the man at cover-point. 11/1

4.3 M Abbas to Williamson, Beaten! After bringing two back in, Abbas makes this one go away. On a back of a length, Williamson pushes inside the line and misses. 11/1

4.2 M Abbas to Williamson, Attacks the stumps, doesn't give Williamson much room with this length ball. The batter can only stay behind the line and block. 11/1

4.1 M Abbas to Williamson, Cutting back in from a good length, on middle and leg, worked down in front of mid-wicket. 11/1

3.6 H Ali to Raval, Good carry on that. Hasan pitches it in the channel outside off, the southpaw lets it be as Sarfraz collects it at chest height. 11/1

3.5 H Ali to Raval, Almost dragged it back on! Back of a length just outside off, coming back in, Raval with no foot movement gets an inside edge which thuds onto his pads. 11/1

3.4 H Ali to Williamson, Short of a good length outside off, the Kiwi skipper punches it through the gap in the covers. Three good runs taken. 11/1

3.3 H Ali to Williamson, FOUR! Too straight once again from Hasan Ali and he pays the price. Can't bowl it to him there. Williamson flicks it away sweetly through the vacant square leg region and finds the fence. 8/1

3.2 H Ali to Raval, Too straight in line, allows Raval to work this down towards fine leg for a single. 4/1

3.1 H Ali to Raval, Coming back in from outside off, full in length, Jeet blocks with a defensive blade in response. 3/1

2.6 M Abbas to Williamson, Over the wicket, length delivery which keeps a bit low. Williamson does well to bring his bat down and force it away on the off side. 3/1

2.5 M Abbas to Raval, Fraction straight in line, flicked towards mid-wicket where Bilal Asif makes a diving stop to his left. The batsmen cross over. 3/1

2.4 M Abbas to Raval, Offers no shot this time. Sees the ball landing outside off on a length, he covers the line and lets it through. 2/1

2.3 M Abbas to Raval, Lovely full length, shaping back around off, Raval with the full face of the bat blocks it in front of cover. 2/1

2.2 M Abbas to Raval, Bit fuller around off, Jeet prods forward and pushes it with hard hands to cover. 2/1

2.1 M Abbas to Raval, From around the wicket to Raval, a good length ball is seaming back in on off. The left-hander stands his ground and blocks it down on the off side. 2/1

1.6 H Ali to Williamson, Well left. Excellent over from Hasan Ali comes to an end. He hurls it in the off stump channel, Kane covers the line and makes a watchful leave. 2/1

1.5 H Ali to Williamson, Outside the line of off stump, Williamson confidently offers a firm punch which finds the cover fielder. 2/1

1.4 H Ali to Williamson, Length delivery outside off, punched off the back foot to short cover. 2/1

1.3 H Ali to Raval, Back to around the wicket to the left-hander, it's angled in on a back of a length, Raval too gets off the mark as he works it down in front of square leg for one. 2/1

1.2 H Ali to Williamson, Over the wicket now to Kane. Fuller length ball on off, it's flicked behind square on the leg side for a single. Williamson is off the mark immediately. 1/1

Kane Williamson is in at no.3.

1.1 H Ali to Tom Latham, OUT! Bowled first ball! What a beginning from Hasan Ali. Nothing Tom Latham could have done about that, really. Incredible delivery first up. Hasan Ali comes from around the wicket and bowls it around off, it shapes back in as Latham hangs his bat down the wrong line. The off stump goes for the toss and that's the first breakthrough for the home side. 0/1

Hasan Ali to bowl from the other end.

0.6 M Abbas to Raval, Good length delivery outside the line of off stump, left alone to end the over. 0/0

0.5 M Abbas to Raval, That's a brave leave from Jeet Raval. Abbas pitches it close to off on a length and as Raval lets it go, it nips back in. Whiskers past the off stick. Super close, that. 0/0

0.4 M Abbas to Raval, Just ahead of a length, on the fourth stump line, Raval plants his front foot forward and shoulders arms. 0/0

0.3 M Abbas to Raval, Third leave in a row. Expect more of this with Abbas bowling. He keeps probing in that off stump channel, left alone. 0/0

0.2 M Abbas to Raval, Good shape on that. Mohammad Abbas hurls it on a length once more, quite close to off, Raval once again leaves it alone. 0/0

0.1 M Abbas to Raval, Angling across on a good length, Raval watchfully lets it be. 0/0

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