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Ribery Devi is angry at planned divorce of Tag & Pratap, will not celebrate the Vietnam War


Patna: Bihar's former minister, Ribery Devi, is angry at the planned divorce of the eldest son of Tagi Pratap from a six-month wife, and the threat that he will not return home unless his parents support his decision will not celebrate his death. Fuji this year.

"Ribery Devi is not going to celebrate this year because the family is concerned about the absence of Pratap last week," said Bhola Yiddab, legislator of Rutheria Nata Dal, who is close to the family of the head of the party, Lalo Prasad.

Bula Yildev said that Ribery Devi was not pleased with Tai Pratap's statement that he would not return home until his parents approved his decision to divorce.

"In such a situation, Ribery Devi will not celebrate Carthage," he said.

He admitted that the family had tried to persuade Tag & Pratap to return home soon, but to no avail.

RJD leaders said that Tej Pratap was camping at Haridwar after visiting Varanasi a few days ago.

Tej Pratap, a former health minister in the Bihar government, has not returned home since he met his imprisoned father Allo Prasad Brantzi last week and spoke of his decision to divorce his wife Ishvarari Rai.

Tai Pratap married Ishvararia, the daughter of RJD legislator and former minister Nadriya Rai and granddaughter of the chief minister of Bihar Daruja Rai on May 12 in Patna.

Tej Pratap filed for divorce in the Civil Court opened on November 2 citing "mental cruelty".

With Ribery's decision not to celebrate India's most popular Hindu festival, people will miss a rare celebration in its official bungalow, 10, a round road.

Last year, Ribery Devi said she would celebrate her wedding only after her two sons – Thay Pratap Yadav and Tishivy Yadav – got married.

Takhwei Yadav, the current leader of the opposition and deputy to the former deputy prime minister, is the successor to the RJD.

Four days of Chanukah begin on Monday with the ceremony of "Nakhai Chai". Chassidim, especially married women, will pick up the banks of the river early in the morning for a ritual bath, before preparing a traditional meal of cooked rice and pumpkin.

RJD leaders said that Debbie Debbie's Chhath celebration was popular as politicians, regardless of party affiliation, and people of all religions and communities visited for the traditional prasad during the festival.

"By 2016, Ribery Devi, who helped Bello himself, used to paint a large number of people during the course, but this year they will miss," said the RJD leader.

"Chai Chai" will be accompanied by "Charna", where "Hir" will be served and distributed among neighbors, friends and relatives.

During the festival, married women keep fasting for 36 hours and devotees offer the preparation of wheat, milk, cane sugar, bananas and coconut to the sun god.

Chhath is the only festival throughout India where devotees offer both the setting and the rising sun.

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