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Simple pleasures: BMW 2019 M2 contest is a "bad guy with a heart of gold character" Tis-season wheels


RONDA, SPAIN – Preventing a catastrophic error or mistake made by BMW engineers, we knew that a car would be good. But we did not expect it to be such a freak.

Moving the new M2 competition around the racetrack, each solid solid of the throttle may flood the rear wheels and squirt the car sideways.

It just does not want to go straight. Straight boring. Fun parties.

If you've ever driven go-kart on one of those slick indoor concrete tracks, this car will feel familiar.

The preferred method of competition in the corner goes like this: turn around, then powerslide.

The angle is up to you – skate a lot or a bit, showboat or try to set lap time fast – but once the rear has a traction fracture you can leave the wheel alone and adjust the direction of the car with the right foot.

It's crazy, borderline and anti-social for such a normal car out.

Could it be love?

The M2 competition replaces the BMW M2, a car we thought was the best M car in the generation, and the best car in the class when it was launched in 2016. They could really leave it alone. But they do not.

The extract was relatively simple.

"We wanted to improve driving fun of the car," said Marcus Schroeder, project leader for the M2 competition.

They achieved their goal in this ancient tradition of compressing a stronger engine under the hood.

The usual M2 – which was discontinued with the arrival of the competition model – used the N55 engine, one turbo straight six with 365 horsepower and 343 lb.ft. Of torque.

BMW M2 Competition. - BMW hook
BMW M2 Competition. – BMW hook

However, the competition gets BMW's exotic S55 twin-turbo straight six picked directly from the big M3.

Here the engine makes 405 horsepower (all the way up to 7,000 rpm) and 406 lb.-ft. of torque, which, yes, is a little less than this makes the M3.

The company is sandbagging, little. "The smaller bay of the second series provides less room for cooling, and the company does not want its cheapest, cheapest car and upstaging its stable and more expensive friends," said Frank Van Mill, then M's boss who recently promoted the company's ranks.

To make the new engine-revving work high, engineers had to change almost everything on the M2 front windshield, fitting in bracing extra bracing, larger intakes and cooling pipes.

To be clear, no one said the M2 was dizzy. Giving it more was brilliant or reckless. Actually, it's both.

"You can get into easier erosion," said Marcus Schroeder, in typical German.

"To control something that is out of control, on the edge, it's the fun part of getting carried away, and I think that's the magic for people," he added.

It's shocking the first time it happens. With traction control, this block of torque – each 406 lb.-ft. Of it – views at 2,350 rpm Michelin super sports tires have no chance.It's as if they hit an ice of ice.

On the racetrack, where the motor remains in the upper half of its rev range, the power feels more linear. Avoid this torque bomb at 2,350 rpm, and the rear pass extends much more predictable.

Despite the short-wheeled engine base and over-powered this car feels usable, take advantage of the limit. It is bold, but ultimately friendly – a bad guy with a gold nature of heart.

We often complain that modern performance cars are boring because they have too much grip. This is the exception that proves the rule.

The only real problem with M2 competition is an inevitable jump in price. M2 was $ 61,000 in 2016. Last year, BMW had jacked it up to $ 65,200, mainly because of strong demand.

The 2019 M2 competition starts at $ 71,250, which is much, dangerously close to MG $ 77,550.

All other complaints are easy. The automatic adjustment adjustment on the six-speed manual can only be disabled by turning off traction control. The interior is available in any color as long as it is black.

BMW M2 Competition. BM hook
BMW M2 Competition. BM hook

Light weight carbon fiber, bonnet and tail duck tail was nice, but BMW keeps things like this for the M Performance Parts catalog.

The new M2 competition is an extremely simple sports car. What you get here is all you need, and nothing you do not need: a monster engine, a manual gearbox, a limited slip differential and a large rear drive chassis.

It looks like a simple formula; It's a pity more car manufacturers have not figured it out.

The 2019 M2 competition comes in Canada later this summer, starting at $ 71,250.

Technical Specifications

  • Basic price: $ 71,250
  • Engine: 3.0 liter twin turbo straight six
  • Broadcasts: 6-speed manual, or a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic
  • Fuel consumption (liters / 100 km): TBD
  • driving: rear wheel
  • Alternatives: Ford Shelby GT350, BMW M3, Porsche 718 Cayman, AMG C63 Coupe, Audi RS3


  • Looks like: ↑ Not much has changed. The M2 looks like butchers as always. The kidney grille is larger to allow more air. It has a new forged 19-inch alloy wheels, a new square-edge tip, and a black trim window.
  • Face:The non-adjustable suspension catches a good balance between sport and comfort for daily use. You can feel the slackness, lack of immediate ease, but it is more than a fair sacrifice to do daily usability. The seats with light M2 badges are a bit sticky though.
  • Performance: ↑ With a 6 speed guide, 0-100 km / h comes 4.4. It is 0.2 seconds faster with double coupler. With such pure driving experience on offer, the keyboard is really the way to go here. The front brakes were upgraded to six piston, 400 mm discs.
  • Technology:The traction control mode of the MDM makes it easier than ever, allowing more slip in the back before cutting in. Park distance control is now standard as well as a glossy motor and a button starter.
  • Charger: ↑ Unlike Porsche Cayman, the M2 has rear seats and a generous trunk, making it a little easier to justify.
  • Score: 9.5 / 10: Can only be the best car performance under $ 100,000.

You love this car if … you believe cars are more than just transportation.

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