Thursday , October 21 2021

6 Interesting facts about the ocean world, beach vacation enthusiasts must know


TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Traveler, do you like to go to the beach?

From just walking on the beach, swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, or boating on a boat.

Although the sea and the beach become one of the favorite holiday destinations, it turns out to have facts about the unknown oceans.

This time TribunTravel sums up some interesting facts about the ocean from page.

1. Coral reefs produce their own natural sunscreen

For coral in shallow water, too much sun can damage the algae that live on the reef.

To protect algae, which is the main source of coral food, corals become fluorescent.

It creates a protein that acts as a kind of sunscreen for algae.

2. Sea full of gold

There are around 20 million tons of gold spread around the world's oceans

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