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Accelerated port infrastructure, AGO supports Pelindo III


INDOPOS.CO.ID – PT Government and Government Development and Security Team (TP4) of the State Attorney's Office (Kejagung) of the Republic of Indonesia supported Pelindo III to accelerate the process of infrastructure development port.

After the signing of the cooperation of Third Plando's CEO, Doso Agung, with Deputy Attorney General Jan S. Maringka at the Slevaya headquarters in Fledo III, some time ago.

At the same time, cooperation cooperation was signed at the provincial level by Flando III HR Director Toto Heliiananto with the head of the highest prosecutor's office in the seven districts of the BUMN Maritime Work Area.

Jamintel Jan S. Maringka said that cooperation with the assistance of central and regional TP4 (TP4P and D) in SOEs such as Pelindo III was part of the Plaintiff's steps to be involved in the development.

"As well as creating conditions that support and secure the implementation of state development. With the TP4, he hoped that law enforcement and project owners can go together and work together," said January edition in Jakarta on Sunday (11/18/2018).

So this development, Yan's value, can run on time and target. "We also present seven high claimants in the hope of providing assistance in areas so we can achieve equal development in the Indonesia region," he said.

He also cited the President's mandate in Nwasita, the first point that every element of the state must strengthen its identity as a maritime state.

Ants play an important role in supporting the sea toll scheme for the smooth distribution of goods, suppressing price gaps and increasing national competitiveness.

"The presence of the attorney general is not a frightening thing, but a member that accelerates the development of the state," he concluded.

Dino Agung, CEO of Doso Agung, said that the Attorney General's support is an absolute necessity for state development agencies, both government and government, to accelerate the management of the development process so that it complies with regulations and legal aspects.

"At least for important investment plans held by the Third Plindo, we can ask for direction or consideration, so that the activities comply with the rules.

Because by obeying state rules, development goals can be targeted, that is to the greatest prosperity of the people. Especially for the local maritime logistics sector which are being pushed to compare development, "he said.

Doso Agung is optimistic that TP4 can help accelerate development. Because of legal aid will play a role in investment planning, procurement of goods and services, and implementation and supervision of projects in the development of investments made.

"Why TP4 strongly supports creating a comfortable business atmosphere, because access is a new paradigm in law enforcement, it is a rehabilitative and rehabilitative approach to prevent the losses of the state."

"Motive and repressive efforts are combined, and their goal is to realize the right development of the goal, time and quality," he concluded. (Dai)

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