Saturday , October 1 2022

Ahmad Shahal: Rejection of religious regulations is not sacrilege


Creta – Former director of the Institute for Freedom Ahmed Sahl thought it was ridiculous to reject religious regulations (shari'a regulations and gospel regulations) as blasphemy against religion. According to Sahl, there was no connection between the rejection of religious regulations by blasphemy or blasphemy.

"In my opinion, it is ridiculous to assume that the rejection of religious regulations, both Shari'a and gospel regulations, are sacrilegious against religion," Sahel said in Jakarta on Sunday (11/18).

Shahal mentioned several reasons why religious regulations have nothing to do with blasphemy: First, he says, shari'a regulations are local regulations, not Shari'a, and he says that separation is a legal product made by man.

"Regional regulations are made by regional parliaments, along with local governments, that is, regulations are man-made, whereas Shari'a is done by God, researchers create and interpret it in the form of a pique," he said.

Secondly, Sahel said, those who rejected the shari'a separation were not only PSI but also prominent Islamic figures like KH. He served as chairman of the PBNU and chairman of the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, and added that there were still many other figures.

"Checking the news in 2006, when Kai Khasia was very keen to reject the shari'a regulations, the reason for this is that they refused to institutionalize Islamic law in the form of a positive law that is considered suitable for a diverse Indonesia, and because it was perceived as a threat to Indonesia unity. 39; Nah wanted to blame Kyai for her sins as religious? "He explained.

Third, continued Sahal, which was rejected by the PSI was not a religion, sharia, or the gospel. However, he said, those rejected by the PSI were content of regional regulations that had been discriminatory and intolerant.

"Therefore, those rejected by the PSI are discriminatory and intolerant rules, and in my opinion, the PSI's rejection of religious regulations does not deal with blasphemy, it is too far and far away."

As is known, Eggi Sudjana, Attorney General of PPMI Zulkhair, reported Grace Natalie to the National Police Criminal Investigations Company for alleged cases of blasphemy today (Friday, 11/16). Grace was delivered with the alleged violation of Section 156A of the Criminal Code, Article 27 paragraph (3) Article 28 paragraph (2) Article 14 paragraph 15 Article 15 of Law No. 1 of 1946 on the provisions of criminal law.

This report is related to the statement of Grace Natalie, who said that her party will never support regional regulations (perda) on the basis of religion.This, said Grace, is one of the three tasks that members of the PSI's legislation will run if they are trusted to sit in Parliament.

"PSI will prevent the birth of injustice, discrimination, and all acts of intolerance in this country, the PSI will never support regional regulations or sharia regulations, there should be no more closing places of worship by force," Grace said at the HUT PSI event. ICE BSD, Tangerang, Sunday (11/11) night.


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