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ARIX SUKAMATI: The case of Rainex Sid and Via Wallen become moments of education for musicians


JAKARTA, – The band's band Andek Soekamti, Erix, believes that Rynix "SID" (Superman Dead) and Vallen cases on the use of songs without permission have become educational moments for musicians.

According to Arix, there are still many Indonesian musicians who do not understand Music publishing Which manages the administration, exploitation and copyright management work.

This was stated by Erix when they met at the event projection The film Keluarga Cemara and a press conference at the festival and the Asia-Pacific Asia XXI Plaza Festival Indonesia, Thamrin, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (11/13/2018).

"But there are also positive things about it IT. It's a good moment to educate. This is an opportunity we are involved in Music publishing Can educate musicians and music lovers, "Arix said.

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"I'm grateful for this case, the musician did it Post. Because not all musicians are aware Music publishing, "Continued the lead singer of Yogyakarta's band.

Although Arix thinks that Rynx does not understand Music publishing, But he mentioned that the rebuke of the SID drummer to Via was correct.

"Even from Rynks, it's not a man to understand about Music publisher. But what he said was true about rights. That is creating the song used at least must His voice That's it, "he said.

Also, through, Erix suggested that the management of Via register the songs that Via was handed LMKN (National Collective Management Institute), an institution that manages copyright.

"Also from the side of Via Wallen, if in the world of dangdut there are many songs performed many times, for it they are also not educated," said Arix.

"In the case of Vallen, he had to record all the songs that the artist brought and then brought him to LMKN and then divided him into a creator," he added.

According to Arix, musicians can enjoy royalties on any work such as songs that they have created for even more than 70 years.

"A musician has a song that actually already has intellectual property, the song can support him until he dies even 70 years after receiving royalties, it's not all musicians know," he added.

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