Tuesday , May 17 2022

Campus campus chicken brave HIV / AIDS test


Campus chicken urgent HIV / AIDS HIV test - JPNN.COM

Male and female couples are dating. Figure: Radar Jawa Pos Bali

jpnn.com, Sex professionals (CSWs), including chickens on campuses that often change partners, make it vulnerable to HIV / AIDS transmission. Therefore, there must be awareness to watch the transmission of HIV / AIDS, especially among sex workers.

Data from the Kaky Community Humanitarian Community of Indonesia show that 4 out of 10 sex workers (WPS) are chickens on campus. An activist of the repulsive foot fund, Akka Saputra, explained that the campus poultry profession is one of the goals of education to prevent the transmission of HIV and AIDS.

According to the denier, the chicken campus or other professions closely related to the changing partners are not safe and will be vulnerable to HIV HIV communication "The dark side is indeed there close to us.You can not turn a blind eye because the lifestyle can make these students dark in their eyes," he said JawaPos.Com some time ago.

That is why the foot fund continues to encourage FSWs to pay attention to health side. "We are always providing education and paying attention to health side.They also continue to be encouraged to take part in HIV / AIDS tests," he said.

For this reason, the Kaki Foundation has preceded a movement encouraging people to take the HIV / AIDS test. According to him, the problem of HIV / AIDS is a health problem.

Denied said, in fact FSW tend to dare to take HIV / AIDS testing and health care. In fact, eight out of 10 WPS dare to take HIV / AIDS testing. "This is what we continue to encourage the FSW," he continued.(ika / JPC)

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