Wednesday , September 28 2022

Defend yourself, this vampire deer has fangs and weapons: Ok Techno


Creta – Some animals have horns, ivory or shell as a protective device if there are enemies. A group of mammals that have horns like deer, antelope, goat, giraffe, and buffalo. However, not with water deer that has fangs.

Report from page Within science, Water deer has the nickname "vampire deer". To find out more about this deer, the researchers compared the habitat and behavior of 63 species, including the artiodactyl group that lived apart from hippos and whales. They measured the dogs of each species using skeleton samples at the museum.

Although there is no connection between fangs and habitats, but there may be some small species that have relationships such as large mouse deer of Java, they have fangs longer than five feet, and they live in dense shrubs. So, making tunnels when moving from one to another.

The researchers thought it unlikely that sharp fangs like daggers would be effective weapons in thick shrubs. These fangs also work to protect themselves.

Artiodactyla is a mammalian animal consisting of about 220 species. They are mostly animals that usually eat with even a number of toes.

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