Monday , March 8 2021

Download in: Madrid – Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric hopes his team of capital will change in the remaining 2018-2019 season. The Croatian playmaker wants Madrid to win the title.

Madrid only appointed Santiago Solari as a regular coach, replacing Lopez and Lennattogui who was fired at the end of last month. Under the control of Lopetegui, the performance of Madrid was very bad because they only recorded 6 wins, 2 drawings and 6 losses in 14 games.

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One negative result was Barcelona's 1-1 defeat at the end of October in Al-clasico in Camp Nou. This is the last game for Lopetegui with the club known as Los Blossos.

"The most important thing is how Real Madrid finished the season, we all will work hard to improve the results of Real Madrid and achieve the challenges we have, Real Madrid hopes to win the title and play better," Mudrik said.

He also considered that the chances of his team winning the Champions League Cup four times in a row is not impossible.

"Nothing is possible, especially for Real Madrid," Mudrik said.

"Yes, we must respect all opponents that it is harder to win the trophy in any season, but Real Madrid will try, we have proved that nothing is impossible," he continued. (Larissa Ok Edisti)

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