Sunday , December 5 2021

Drunk retarded sanitary bellows, the doctor mentions risk of kidneys


Creta – Recently there have been a lot of news about juvenile delinquency in the center of Java. They were drunk by drinking boiling water from the pillows. As noted, the youth claimed to "fly" after drinking boiled water.

"It's called children and adolescents who like to be curious and often do not get the right information," said Dr. Harry Negrojo of the Institute for Mental Health and Addiction (IMAN) to open the chat with a brief statement to detikHealth on Wednesday (11/07/07) 2018).

Now that's why teens need to know this because of bad health. According to Dr. Harry, the effect of drinking the cooking water of sanitary napkin certainly has a dangerous threat to health.Moreover, there are many chemicals contained in it.

"Exposure to chemicals that are not clear in large quantities can cause a disturbance to the body's organs," Dr. Harry explained.

"From the kidneys, liver and others, even if there are carcinogens, they can cause cancer," he added.

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