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Engineering on the Jakarta-Cikamorek Agra, take a look at the important things


JAKARTA, – The government and a number of related parties have agreed to carry out traffic engineering and a more decisive action in the Jakarta-Cikamerek Agra Highway.

Transport Ministry Director-General Landi Stadi said that this was done in an effort to cope with congestion on the toll road.

As is known, the severe overcrowding in Jakarta-Cikamek Agra Highway is the result of the development of national strategic projects such as the construction of high toll roads, the rapid railway Bandung Bandung, and Jabodebek LRT.

"Based on a joint agreement between the Ministry of Transport, the National Police Force, KemenPUPR, BPJT, BPTJ, there are several strategies that can be done to break the congestion on the toll road Jakarta-Cikamorek," said in a press release, Karate, Thursday (11/15/2018).

Here are some important things to keep in mind:

1. Alternative Kalimalang

The toll road is not the only access road for the Jakarta – Cikamorek. There is still the rural way to Beakasi-Karawang, where Kalimalang can be optimized.

"On crowded toll roads, at the Tambun toll gate, there will be officers who will drive the private cars to deliver the Lan Klimaling," Body said.

2. Pay attention to the path

The traffic engineering on the Jakarta Highway Cikamorek Agra will be arranged as follows: lane 1 and 2 are used for merchandise goods (Type III-IV);

While columns 3 and 4 are used for vehicles (Class I-II). Appeal marks will also change to prohibited symbols.

"Vehicles of the III-V type, which are loaded, run slowly, must enter routes 1 and 2. Later they will receive signs by PT Jasamarga," said BODY CEO.

3. Sanctions

The firm step will apply to vehicles that are over dimensional over the loader (ODOL). The card will be worn to the vehicle with a broken tire, or axle broken due to overload.

In addition, loaded vehicles will be issued at the nearest toll gate and will unload the cargo. All costs incurred will be incurred by the truck operator or the owner of the item.

To support this, mobile weighing devices will be installed on the main route of the toll road. If the vehicle is identified as overload, it can be removed directly in the nearest toll booth.

"Next week the 75% load load will drop and move to a small car!"

"A week of tolerance, cargo operators and logistics are encouraging to adapt," said Body CEO.

4. Do not stop on the shoulder of the road

The attack action will also be taken on trucks to stop at the JORR E2 Road toll road from Tanjung Fryuk. Because it has the potential to cause congestion.

"Later, a letter will be sent to the management of the related industrial estate, so it will not leave when the time is forbidden," Body said.

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