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Lamphong exceeds the national measles measles vaccine target

Lamphong exceeds the national measles measles vaccine target
MR Vaccination (Rubella measles) from the Institute of Serum of India (SII). – Special

BUSINESS, COM, BANDARLAMPUNG – The success rate of application Rubble Communications in Lampung County surpassed the national target.

The measles vaccine Rubela (MR) in Lamung County by the end of October 2018 reached 96.56% higher than the national target of 95%. In fact, Lampung occupies the second nationally position in obtaining MR vaccine.

"We have maximized socialization of MR vaccines, and the results are quite satisfactory, because almost all provinces and cities have reached 95% and some have exceeded 100% of the target," said Lampong Public Health Public Relations Asih Hendrastuti in Bandarlampung, Tuesday (11/20) / 2018) .

He said, Lampung has become influential, because the results of measles Rubella vaccine (MRI) in Lampung were ranked second in 96, 56% of the national figure.

"This means that nearly 100% of the children in Lampung County have been vaccinated by MR. Hopefully other provinces can continue to vaccinate by the end of December that could capture the first national MR vaccine position," he said.

Asih hopes that doctors, midwives, nurses and other health workers can communicate MR vaccinations to the public. Because of the importance of MR vaccines for children aged 9 months to 15 years.

He said the results of this achievement include West Lampung Regency 101.73%, West Coast 101.68%, Mesuji 100.32%, Pringsewu 99.69%, Tulang Bawang Barat 98.32%, Tulang Bawang 98.29%, Tanggamus 97.64%, Metro City 97.46%, Waykanan 97.05%, Lampung Tengah 96.08%, Lampung Selatan 95.94%, Bandarlampung City 95.82%, North Lampung 95.32%, Pesawaran 95.17%, East Lampung is still 93.21%, and the total Lampung Turner becomes 96.56%.

In addition, a number of regencies and cities in Lampung County is just east of Lampung Rig which has not met the target, which is only 93.21% or still below the national standard.

With the existence of districts under the national figure, it means that they must complete by the end of December 2018.

"If there is already more than 95%, the MR vaccine may continue, and Mr. will not continue, the important thing is that the total for all districts is 95%."

ASH explained, the Ministry of Health will give the time until the end of December 2018 for areas that did not reach 95%.

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