Monday , October 3 2022

Lazio vs. Inter Milan Drama, Louise Felipe cries red on card to hug Joaquin Korea


The Lazio defender’s intention to joke with his friend who moved to Inter ended in a red card.

Lazio defender Louise Felipe burst into tears after receiving a red card for climbing on his shoulder and embracing Inter Milan’s Joaquin.

The incident occurred for a while during Serie A game in which Lazio beat Inter 3-1 at the Olimpico Stadium, ending Saturday (16/10) on WIB night.

Tensions were high throughout the 90 minutes, especially when Lazio took a 2-1 lead through the goal of Felipe Anderson who expressed protest from Inter fans for being unsportsmanlike, the Brazilian midfielder scored when defender Narazzi Federico Dimarco lay on the pitch.

Things heated up again with the final whistle as Louise Felipe leapt over Joaquin Korea’s shoulder from behind to celebrate Lazio’s win.

The two actors were actually friends when they both wore Lazio costumes, but it seems that Reader did not notice Louise Felipe’s annoyance and reacted to his hug in anger.