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List of institutions that announced the results of

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Eight agencies have issued the results of choosing the basic competency (SKD).

According to from on Monday (11/19/2018), the government will implement the rating system as alternative criteria for completion for basic competency selection (SKD).

This is done because of the low SKD graduation rate because many participants do not meet the passing score or the minimum score.

Vice President Joe Calle said that about 100,000 formations of civil servants (PNS) were not implemented, because only 8 percent of participants passed the basic selection stage (SKD) in 2018 candidates for civil service.

The finalization of the participants in the rating process is then adjusted to the Competency Selection Field (SKB), which is at least three times the existing production.

Head of Civil Civil Service (BKN) Bima Heria Vavisna said, an alternative solution to the rating system was implemented because there was concern that many configurations were empty due to a large number of selected participants who had not passed the passing grade.

But they did not want to reduce their past score because they feared that they would not be suitable employees.

Finally the government ranked the participants who had undergone SKD even though they had not reached SKD.

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Reporting from Tribhu, Here are eight agencies that issued the CPNS SKDS results:

1. Results of the CPDS Center for JS SKD in 2018

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