Thursday , October 6 2022

Many similarities to Earth, NASA believes there is life on Mars


California National Aeronautics and Space Agency ( NASA ) Posted a video explaining the factors that led the agency to believe that planets Mars In ancient times the same as the earth.

As reported by The Sun Sunday (16/10/2021), the scientist, dr. Becky McCauley Ranch said they thought Mars was ‘humid and warmer’ when he first appeared. Also read – Why Elon Musk wants to build a car factory on Mars

“When the solar system existed about four billion years ago, Mars and Earth were made of the same material, which made the two planets look the same.”

“But today, if we look at Mars, it looks like a dry planet compared to a blue planet. We believe Mars had a shallow northern ocean before, but it disappeared and thus differentiated the two planets,” Ranch said in the video.

The similarity between the two planets is important to scientists because they can help them find clues to ancient life on Mars.

“Geological activity on Mars during this period diminished, during which it lost water and eventually became a drier star. This is different from Earth where the planet continues to undergo a process of ‘progress’ with tectonics of plates and life evolution,” he explained.

In addition, scientists also believe that the water element still exists on the surface Mars At this point but in the form of ice.

They also believe that there is a lot of water beneath the earth’s surface, but further research is needed to confirm this.


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