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Milan lifts over the curse more than half a century


Milan, Compass – AC Milan managed to maintain their sacred goal from conceding the match against Udinese in the 11th division of the Italian league on Sunday (11/04/2018)
Local time or early on Monday.

This is indeed the first time we have registered cleaning aka not admitted to the Italian League this season.

Before this battle, AC Milan always failed to maintain the goal purity of the first 10 games of Serie A. They were the only team that had so poorly documented.

Klinchat The latter happened last season while holding Naples 0-0, 15 April 2018. Then, in 16 games in a row, Milan's goal was always broken by opponents.

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A series of matches which Milan has always admitted are: Torino 1-1, Benevento 0-1, Bologna 2-1, Hellas Verona 4-1, Atalanta 1-1, and Fiorentina 5-1 Napoli 2-3 season last season, as Rome 2 -1, Cagliari 1-1, Atalanta 2-2, Empoli 1-1, Sassuolo 4-1, Chievo Verona 3-1, Interno 0-1, Sampdoria 3-2, and Genoa 2-1 this season.

Already more than half a century Milan has no record of giving up this bad. The number of 16 consecutive games admitted is Milan's worst record since 1946-1947 season or just 72 years ago.

Although always admitted in the first 10 games the last time Milan happened in the 1932-1933 season, aka already longer than half a century.

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Now all these bad records have stopped Milan and should be approved.

"Maybe now we have more determination than before. In matches against Cagliari, Atalanta and Empoli, we gave too much
A place for opponents. Now we are more integrated and excited, so we fight to the end, "Alessio Romagnoli was quoted as saying by from Soccer
Italy on Monday (11/05/2018). (Thoriq AZ Zuhri Yunus)

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