Saturday , October 16 2021

Miranda Goeltom has been investigated for a century-old handbag

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – former senior vice president of Indonesia Bank (BI) Miranda Swai Goltom Completed by the Investigator The Burning Committee (KPK). Miranda admitted that her request for information was related to the alleged case Corruption of the Century Bank.

"There is still an investigation into the bank, there are no new questions, only questions that have been clarified for a long time," said Miranda, KPK Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (11/13).

Miranda said that one of the things confirmed was the decision-making process related to the Century Bank. However, he claimed he did not recall the questions offered by scholars of anti-corruption institutions.

"I was just asked about the decision-making process, about Bank City alone, everything is different, I do not remember anymore," he said.

When he mentioned his name in the case of the former vice governor of Indonesia Bank Bodhi Mulia, Miranda denied. According to him, there was not in the verdict.

KPK is launching a new investigation into alleged corruption in the provision of short-term financing facility (FPJP) and the establishment of PT Bank Century as a failed bank with systemic influence. In this case, a new anti-corruption organization ingnared Body Mulya.

Earlier, KPK chairman Agus Rahardjo said that researchers and prosecutors have completed a study on the continuation of the alleged corruption case of Century Bank.Engus opened the possibility that other parties will be called as suspects.

"Perhaps the possibility of opening a new investigation may open, perhaps there is a fact that already exists, and then there is a suspicion that it is very possible," Agus said in the JNF building on Friday.

According to Agus, after the South Carolina District Court's ruling on a plea for justice to deal with a suspected corruption case at Century Bank, he immediately ordered his subordinates to investigate and map who and his role.

"We certainly see the ruling from the previous case," he says.

The decision referred to the verdict against Bodhi Mulia as Deputy Governor of the Bank of Indonesia in Division IV of Foreign Currency and Foreign Currency Management at the level of appeal of the Supreme Court (MA) and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Body in the verdict was called "corruption" with a number of intelligence people, among them his own as the BI governor, Miranda Swary Gaultum as deputy governor of BI, City Lima Lima Peggy (died) as deputy governor 6 Supervision of commercial banks and Islamic banks.

Afterward, Bodhi Rushdie (died) as Deputy Governor of the Sector 7 Payment System, Money Distribution, BPR and Credit,
Stability of the banking system / financial system.

Moreover, Harty Agus Sarwono as deputy governor of monetary policy in the field 3, and Ardhayadi Mitroatmodjo as Deputy Governor 8 Logistics, Finance, Property Settlement, KBI Secretariat.

In addition, there are other names such as Robert Tantular and Hermannus Hassan, and Raden Pardede as Secretary of the Financial System Stability System (KSSK).

Agus asked all sides to be patient and wait for the team of investigators and prosecutors to submit the study results for the case which cost the country up to 8 trillion rupees.

He said the KPK would not betray Indonesians if there was evidence of corruption from the names mentioned in Bodhi Moulia's judgment.


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