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MU like late hot


Manchester United were hot late against Fulham. They were just encouraged after falling behind to win 2-1.

Manchester United managed to beat Fulham 2-1 at Craven Cottage in the Premier League, Thursday (21/1/20210 morning WIB) This victory did not come easily to the Red Devils camp.

The Red Devils who performed poorly at the start of the game had to admit quickly in the fifth minute through a goal by Admola Lockman. Then, MU then gets up slowly. They managed to turn things around through the goal of Edinson Cavani and a beautiful kick by Paul Pogba in the 65th minute.

MU manager Ola Gunnar Solskaire admitted that his team did indeed get hot late in this game. He regretted that MU had to admit quickly because of poor coordination of their defense.

Lockman’s goal was born because of an imperfect MU in the outside trap. However, he thought that Lockman’s goal was also a turning point for his team to get up to perform better.

“We started badly. But after their goal, I feel we played better,” Solskier said. BBC.

“We have to get up. After that we played very well.”

“We did not do the outside trap well. We still have to follow the players who wanted to. We have not really got up yet but we showed a very good response at that time,” the man from Norway explained.

Late heat has become a habit of MU this season. Including the game against Fulham, MU has come from behind six times to win the Premier League this season.

MU hobby return It also helps them sit at the top of the Premier League table right now. Manchester Red are currently in the top spot with 40 points. She is two points ahead of Manchester City and Leicester City in second and third place.

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