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Peeked at Comgen Listo Sigitt’s monthly salary as a candidate for Chief of Police

JAKARTA, – President Djoko Vidudo (Djokobi) has proposed to the Indonesian Parliament the name of Kumgan Listio Zigit Pervovo as the sole candidate for the National Police Chief. He is currently the head of the National Police Criminal Investigation Agency (Kabareskrim).

Before serving as head of the criminal investigation, Listo Sigit Pervovo served as head of the police propaganda department. The Ambon-born man graduated from the Acapulco Police Academy in 1991.

As a three-star police officer, how much does Comgen Listo Sigit Pervovo receive as a police officer?

The police salary is regulated by Government Regulation (PP) No. 17 for 2019 concerning the Twelfth Amendment to Government Regulation No. 29 for 2001 concerning wage regulations for members of the State Police in the Republic of Indonesia.

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Salaries for police champions with 1 to 4 stars are set at a minimum of 3,290,000 rupees per month and a maximum of 5,930,800 rupees per month.

The amount of the police salary is adjusted to the number of stars and the number of years of service in accordance with the police compensation regulations.

For officers in the rank of Comgen Pool, the monthly salary from the state is set at between 5,079,300 rupees and 5,930,800 rupees per month.

In addition to salaries, police officers with the rank of police officer receive a performance pay or tokens regulated by a presidential regulation.

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The last time President Djokobi amended the regulations regarding the remuneration of performance fees for Polar workers, that is, through Presidential Regulation No. 103 for 2018 concerning employee benefit benefits in the State Police of the Republic of Indonesia.

The amount of tokens that senior police officers receive relates to the status of the job at the National Police in Indonesia.

With respect to the regulation, the Komgen police are included in the 17th grade with a police execution allowance of 29,085,000 rupees per month.

The role status of Kabarsker is the same as other important positions in the National Police, including Kabarhakam, Kalmedikopol, Assistant Chief of Police, Asrana Kapulari, Assistant Human Resources Supervisor and Kapularar Popular.

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In terms of performance fees, the cabaret job level is only one level below the Deputy Chief of Police who is in the 18th grade with a performance allowance of IDR 34,902,000 per month.

In addition to Polery’s performance allowance, police officers receive a variety of different allowances that vary in size depending on the rank, location and placement location. The amount of this allowance is relatively small than the performance allowance.

Some of the allowances attached to Polar members (police allowances) in addition to performance allowances include family allowances, supplementary allowances, labor allowances, special allowances for Papua and border areas.

Police officers are not allowed to lead a lavish lifestyle

Meanwhile, the national police chief, General Adam Azis, has instructed all Polar members not to have a lavish lifestyle or hedonism in their daily lives.

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The order of the Chief of Police was officially established in the secret telegram (TR) number ST / 30 / XI / HUM 3.4 / 2019 / DIVPROPAM dated 15 November 2019.

  • Does not display, wear and display luxury items in everyday life, both in official spaces and in public spaces.
  • To live simply in the internal environment of the police and in community life.
  • Do not upload photos and videos on social media that display a hedonistic lifestyle as it may cause social jealousy.
  • Adaptation of legal, appropriate norms, adaptation to the conditions of the environment in which they live.
  • Use of police features according to division and generalization.
  • Leaders, castville and officers can provide examples of good behavior and attitudes, by not showing a hedonistic lifestyle.

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