Sunday , October 2 2022

Permits drives, SpaceX is ready to launch

[ad_1], Jakarta – The Federal Communications Commission of the United States (FCC) has approved SpaceX's request to launch 7,518 satellites to orbit in order to provide Internet services.

In March 2018, the FCC also authorized spacex to send 4,425 satellites to space. SapceX has received permission to launch a satellite Internet group called Starlink. All in all, SpaceX will send more than 12,000 satellites.

Starlink is an ambitious project of SpaceX to provide Internet services around the world from the itinerary. Constellation satellites can perform synchronized movements, allowing all regions of the Earth to connect with one satellite at a time.

According to The margin, As quoted On Sunday (11/18/2018), the project is estimated to cost 10 billion USD or not less than 145 trillion RP. SpaceX The constellation aims to be operational by mid-2020.

Apart from the SpaceX, the FCC also granted licenses to three other companies, namely Telesat, LeoSat, and Kepler Communications. Based on information, Telesat wants to send 117 satellites, LeoSat 78 satellites and Kepler Communications and 140 satellites to orbit.

SpaceX's satellite satellite system will remain in a low orbit, which should reduce latency levels. A total of 7,518 SpaceX satellites approved only for launch will be 335 and 346 km.

Last week, SpaceX asked permission to fly over 1,500 satellites at a height of 550 kilometers, but SpaceX's approval has conditions: SpaceX must launch half of the space within six years to be able to use satellite systems. [SN/HBS]

Source: The Verge

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