Monday , April 12 2021

Rumor PS5 can play games from PS4

Karate – still not discovered when it will appear, the Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) has been busy making a number of rumors. One of them is being able to play the games of the previous PS4 console.

Rumor PS5 can play games from PS4


The PS5, which will become the new pillar of Sony in the console world, was not discovered when it was born, although it has recently been mentioned in a number of rumors.

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After Sony was sure to start working on his successor to the PS4, the news turned out that the gamepadock gamepad on the successor console would include a screen.

Then, Sony's decision to be absent from the 2019 Entertainment Expo Expo (E3) event was also mentioned due to its focus on the PS5.

Now blowing on other rumors related to the possibility of PS5 later being able to play games designed for PS4, aka having backward compatibility capabilities.

Quoted from Daily Star, Thursday (11/22/2018), this is indicated by a quote in a report published by Sony on 2018.

Referring to, the quote reads, "Trying to ease the impact of the platform lifecycle compared to the previous one and stabilize the profit structure."

Daily Star explained in a simpler language, Sony actually wanted to maximize the presence of a new generation console later with the ability to play games that already existed before their existence became more established with the support of new games.

It tempts players to buy directly from the PS5 so that they can immediately enjoy a special game on launch (which is still a handful), in addition to buying games with more collections from their previous consoles – which also extends the PS4 life cycle.

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