Wednesday , December 8 2021

Simon Bhankangkara FC is difficult for Madura United


McMenemy praised the quietness of the players at Hingkara FC, despite being under pressure from home fans.

Torrent Addiah and Hugh Pratama of MADURA

The coach of Hingkara Simon McMenamy was pleased with the performance of his team that made Madura United into trouble, lifting a 2-1 win at Bangla Gloria on Friday (9/11) in the afternoon.

In this game, Solo Paulo Sergio in 18 and 68 minutes. Madera United can only minimize the defeat through a hard kick from Milady Zeneyyedpour. Nami said, players in Hingkara were able to appear relaxed under pressure from home supporters.

"I have to give credit to the players, they understand what they want to do before the game, they understand the program of the game, and make this game very difficult for Madura," he said.

"A bonfire was done not to create opportunities, their targets were created from a distance of 30 meters, the goal was indeed very good, but a revelation [Tri Nugroho] Do lots of good saves throughout the game. "

"The performance of the team is very good, when Madura managed to score, the fans became very crazy, but after that we could score again and we managed to play what we wanted."

McNamee estimated the lack of two pillars of Madura United, Fachruddin Aryanto and Alfath Faathier, who strengthened the Indonesian national team in the 2018 AFF Cup, not as a team advantage.

"We won not because they lost players, but because we wanted to win, we believe we can win the game," he concluded.

Meanwhile, midfielder Wahyu Subo Seto rated Lasker's record for Sape Krabbe as the key to his team's victory. Last season, the Guardian also held their first league title in the same place.

"We were confident before we played that we have a good record against Madura Alliance in the past two years." Before we compete, we feel we need to win, so we're confident, "said WAHO. (Gk-62)

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