Thursday , May 19 2022

Tepper Psywar, Kapolda call Thugs in a cowardly Bali


Without further rumor, a police general with two stars on his shoulders loudly again spread threats as well as challenge the actions of a thug bully.

Psywar (Psykological Warfare) on the action of a thug in Bali was reported by Petrus Golose on the avenue of inauguration of verses against drugs and drugs in front of the monument Bajra Sandhi Renon on Saturday (10/11) afternoon.

In front of officials, officials and leaders in Bali, Peter Gollus called bullies in Cowley cowards. "They are identified with mass organizations, and only dare to oppress the little people," said Petrus Golos.

He said that the existence of thugs in Bali was known as rampant since the past 20 years. But when he was the police chief of Bali, the presence of the thugs diminished.

"Bullies are cowards, how dare the little people, tell me if they interfere, I cry them, where the guy cries, the hero does not cry," said Golus firmly.

Not only that, as proof of his opposition to the fight against treachery in Bali, Gaulus revealed that so far there had been 167 cases of bullying he had dealt with.

In addition, there were 803 suspected dealers and thugs who had been promised.

"The results of a survey conducted by the University of Indonesia and Udayana University of Bali said that the Bali Regional Police was trusted by the Balinese people," he added.

On this occasion, the regional police chief also thanked Balinese people for supporting the Bali Regional Police in the fight against bullying and drugs in Bali.

"On this good occasion, I invite, let's be Samleton of Bali, there is no such thing as a class of thugs," he said.

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