Wednesday , September 28 2022

The Minister of Transport is threatening to cancel the theft of GOC's permit and action if it is not resolved immediately


TRIBUNPEKANBARU.COM – The issue of drivers for two operators of land transport in the country, Grub and Gojek, still continues.

Drivers who were members of National Driver Online (Aliando) Alliance some time ago even held a demonstration which caused traffic jams on a number of roads and road users disturbed.

This is a new problem in the field of transportation.

To end the problem, Transport Minister Bodi Karaya Sumadi also asked the two operators to improve.

They must find a solution and the best solution for their partners.

"We really expected it from the beginning, that is, we introduce everyone's opinions, including passengers and drivers, we ask everything," Body said in response to this problem in Tangerang Regency on Sunday (11/18/2018).

The Ministry of Transport has so far received the aspirations of drivers from both transport service providers.

All this is then transferred to the operator for further discussion.

"We want this understanding to exist, but it does seem that there is an operator who wants to speculate, does something not in agreement," he says.

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In order for the issue to continue, the Ministry of Transport also requested and suggested that both operators must improve themselves.

On the other hand, Body also asked all the drivers of these two internet transportation services not to do anything unusual to express their disappointment.

They must route or expose it wisely.

"Drivers do not have to be frontal (resentful), look for more elegant ways," he said.

The Ministry of Transport will also office if the problem is not resolved by the operator.

The Ministry of Transport's latest approach is to punish Grub and Gog and even revoke operating licenses. "As soon as it's over, we'll insist," Body said.

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