Monday , January 24 2022

To Garut, Prabowo talks about the wealth of Indonesia and enjoyed less than 1% of people


Garrot – Candidates for president (presidential candidate) Prabowo Subianto again touched on less than 1% of people in Indonesia who enjoy wealth. According to Prabovo, the data came from the World Bank.

The message was delivered by Prabowo when visiting villagers of Sukaraja, Jatisari village, Karangpawitan district, Garut, Saturday (11/1/2018).

"The wealth of the Indonesian people does not live in Indonesia, the wealth of Indonesian people flows because of it, it is impossible for Indonesia to thrive, it is impossible for Indonesia to be rich, only a handful of people, less than 1% and it is not Prabowo Subianto. , Which is what I wrote in my book, The Paradox of Indonesia, "said Prabovo.

In addition, Prabowo also touched the import policy. He said that the Indonesian people should be able to stand on their own feet and should not import.

However, Prabovo gave an exception to the import of certain strategic products.

"We have to be independent in food and we can, because our country is an agricultural state, independent food, we do not need to import, we need to manage agriculture well, I am sure, if you trust me, by the Indonesian people, Most, I'm sure, we do not need to import anything, import goods, maybe some strategic items that we need to import, "Prabowo said.

He added his desire to move forward as president to return the direction of the policy in Indonesia which he said was incorrect. In fact, said Prabowo, this Indonesian people was in a bad direction.

"I am ready because I feel that our country is in a bad direction, in the wrong direction, and data I collected over a dozen years, decades, all the data I collected, all the facts I gathered, all showed that this people direction is in a bad direction," Prabovo said. (hns / rna)

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