Sunday , October 2 2022

Tukol Aruana’s current condition, he can sit but has no good communication


JAKARTA, – Rizki Kimon, Tukol Arwana’s assistant, explained the current condition of the artist who was allowed to return home.

According to Kimon, Tukol Aruana does not yet master the media and still uses sign language as a replacement for the spoken language.

“To the media, it’s not smooth yet, still mumbling. Already making most of the gestures. For example, ‘How is it’ OK ‘, that’s it. He did it,” Kimon said, quoting. From the Story Star YouTube channel, Sunday (17/10/2021).

In addition, Tukul Arowana also began to be able to move or not just lie in bed.

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Kimon said the host of the One Man Show was able to sit and stand even though he still needed help from the people around him.

“If you can sit, you can still stand quietly with the help of the nurse,” Kimon said.

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Meanwhile, regarding complaints, Tukol is said to still feel weak and stiff.

Therefore, for Tukol, physiotherapy is performed daily at home.

Tukol Aruana himself was allowed to return from the hospital starting on Saturday, October 16, 2021.

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Tukol Aruana’s return was welcomed as it coincided with his birthday celebration.

Tukol Aruana was rushed to PON Hospital due to a brain hemorrhage last September 22.

Tukol also had to undergo surgery a few hours after entering the hospital.

The doctor at PON Hospital said Tucul had a cerebral hemorrhage that was probably caused by uncontrolled hypertension.

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