Monday , April 12 2021

XVI policy pack will raise the JCI, check the preferred stocks, Jakarta – The combined stock price index (CSPI) is expected to close its limited trading session at the beginning of the week (11/19/2018). Positive catalysts continued to flood the JCI in recent days.

CEO of Jagartha Advisors, FX Iwan, said that the strengthening of the JCI continued after the Indonesian bank (BI) decided to raise the interest rate of 7 days in the repo or 7D RRR by 25 basis points (bps) from 5.75% to 6% .

"It is undeniable that it has become a positive sentiment beyond market expectations taken by BI to maintain exchange rate stability," said Bhagar.

In addition, he said, the strengthening of the capital market was increasingly positive supported by the release of the expansion of the package of economic policy. And the positive impact of the exchange rate of the rupee against the US dollar (US), which rose more than 1% after BI raised interest rates.

He said that trading this week will be influenced by the external sentiment related to the development of BREXIT, as well as by the continuation of discussions on trade agreements between the US and China.

"On the inside, investors will continue to wait for measures taken by the government to improve the current account deficit (CAD) deficit," he said.

For Ivan, the JCI is expected to be trading with a limited gain in the range of 5,940-6,130.

"It's because there is still potential Profit Of investors after strengthening during trading last week, "he explained.

Meanwhile, Reliance Skoritas head of research Langer Nafi Tullat explained that JCI has a chance to strengthen limited to today's trading. Potential for JCI with green trading at 5,957-6,066 levels.

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