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Yosril, angry at the UN, asked to wash his face: Democrat spokesman eats gossip!



The Crescent Party (PBB) defended lawyer Yossril Ihaza Mahendra, who was asked to wash his face by Democratic Party Communist Party chairman Herzki Mahendra was fired over filing AD / ART cases with the Justice and Human Rights Ministry. UN Deputy Secretary-General Solihin Pure saw Herzki as saying “it is bad that we have a divided mirror.”

“It’s bad that the mirror opens. You have to wash your face first before you speak, Herzki, because every word you say is unreasonable, trending and tends to obscure the problem,” Pure said in a statement on Sunday (17). / 02/2011). 10/2021).

Pure said that Herzki, as the party’s spokesman, often spoke casually and tended to accept the various rumors circulating. He called Herzki incompetent to be a speaker.

“As a speaker there are a lot of Herzki statements that are incorrect because he suffers from gossip eating syndrome. He is fit to be a representative speaker. Lack of forgiveness Mothers when buying vegetables get upset about their neighbors. Not to be a party spokesman, “Tahor said.

Pure then mentioned one of Herzki’s mistakes when he called PDIP chairman Megawati Soekarnoputri the mastermind behind the fall of President Gus Dor. He says Herzki does not read too much and has too much style.

“time presscon He also slipped his tongue and accused Magwati Sukernopotri of being the mastermind behind the fall of President Gus Dor. to thank Dislocated or perhaps historical with the history of this nation. Herzki does not read much, in my opinion, too much style in front of the camera, so many of his statements are meaningless. no wonder Only the authority of the PD has decreased, “Tahor said.

“My advice, especially to Bong Herzky, is that you must be the one who does not make noise. Stop yelling at people like that. netizen julid. It is said that you are a good politician, who again takes on the role of speaker. It is a pity if the content of the comments is accused here and there, I swear, “he added.

Afterwards, Pure also discussed the issue of dealing with the Democratic Party, which was busy submitting the Democratic Party’s AD / ART to the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. According to him, what Yosril said about the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights is not the right legal system. According to him, the judicial institutions in question are the religious courts, the military courts, the general courts such as the district court, the administrative court, PTTUN, Tipikor, MA, MK.

“How the Democratic lawyers are suddenly entering data into the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, which is clearly not a judicial institution. That’s weird,” he said.

“On the other hand, the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in this case belongs to the respondent. Is this a legal or political move, is it likely to be asked? Intimate ‘with the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, so do not rush blame Yes, people will be ashamed of themselves, “he continued.

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