Thursday , May 19 2022

A recruitment company to fly home migrants for free from Australia for Limerick jobs


A RECRUITMENT OFFICE offered to fly home migrants from Australia for jobs at Limerick.

FRS Recruitment offers a free flight home from Australia to any expat who are helping to secure work in Limerick or some other part of the country.

The incentive was introduced to help encourage people who went through Down Under during the recession to reevaluate the opportunities available in Ireland, especially those in construction, IT and health.

It comes before Ireland organized and is specifically recruiting Roadshow employees organized by FRS recruitment, which takes place in Australia this week, where the Limerick jobs and other Irish opportunities will be described.

The flight deal will be offered to anyone who successfully secures a job through recruiting FRS. While the proposal covers all sectors, FRS will focus on professionals interested in working in construction, IT, healthcare, medical device / pharmaceuticals and financial sectors along the way, in view of the particular demand for qualified personnel across these industries.

"As the country approaches full employment, it becomes harder to find qualified personnel, companies in Limerick and all over Ireland are increasingly looking to find people to fill important positions." For these companies it is not just about filling out vacancies, it is about finding the right candidate that meets the needs "Said Colin Donnery, CEO of FRS Recruitment.

"During the recession a lot of qualified and educated people left these beaches to look for opportunities that were simply not available in Ireland.Australia was a particularly popular place considering the labor market thriving down at the same time.Many of these expats have since gone to develop a strong career in Australia, On an impressive resume.

"Having had extensive business with the Irish community in Australia, we are aware of a considerable number of expatriates who hope to hope to return home.The point of Ireland is recruiting employees is to help these people realize how significant the opportunities are back in Ireland right now.

"We hope that by providing people with additional work, giving them the key wages and logistical information, while giving them the incentive of free flights, this will encourage more people to seriously consider asking for roles back in Ireland." We have a significant number of roles available in each part of Ireland, including a wide range in Limerick.

"There are a lot of Irish people working in these sectors in Australia who will be of great interest to employers back in this country.We know exactly how much their skills are needed in this market and how These great positions can provide a great opportunity to return home, "Mr. Donnery concluded.

The Roadshow will visit Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and will run from Thursday, November 8 to Tuesday, November 13.

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