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Judy Love welcomes the sacrifice of the late parents

Loose women star Judy Love said the competition in Strictly Come Dancing would have given her late parents “peace of mind about everything they sacrificed”.

The TV presenter explained that her parents moved from West India to the UK, but her mother died later in 2009 after battling dementia and her father died during the plague.

The 41-year-old said: “I think my father and mother, because they both moved, will be so proud.

“I think my mom would probably want to dance with Graziano, and would like some of those beautiful dresses. And I think they will just be proud and respectful.

“Their journey from coming from West India here, like any parent, no matter what your background, you hope the next generation can do more than you and I think it would probably give them their peace of mind about everything they have sacrificed for it.”

When asked if Strictly was part of her healing process, she explained: “I think it certainly helps people who are going through it. I think it’s something people can connect to.

“And for me, personally, I’m very open about feelings and really being honest with yourself with what you feel and how you feel and seeking that help.”

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