Sunday , February 28 2021

Cristiano Ronaldo played a key role in the fine penalty of Higuain against Juventus

Juventus beat Milan thanks to the heroes of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo played a big role in the series of Juventus 2-0 win over AC Milan, not only scoring the goal but helping to deny his opponents from the penalty point.

Torino took the lead, 1 – 0 at Mario Menduczic after 8 minutes, but Gonzalo Higuain got a chance to put things up a little over half an hour ago, when Assistant Assistant received a penalty after the ball hit the bar in the bar.

Higuain's punishment was saved by the Goalkeeper, and in Winchester, who simply managed to push the ball from the job. But footage seemed to show more than Szczesny was not the only one who deserved credit for stopping.

Shortly before Milan's kidnapper came to the scene, Cristiano Ronaldo – who had spent four years playing with Higuain in Real Madrid – had uttered a word in Sanchez's ear, perhaps in the direction he thought he would shoot.

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Ronaldo would later stamp the victory for Juve to double the 81-minute advantage into the game. While things went from bad to worse for Higuain who was sent after getting a second yellow to argue with the referee.

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