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Eda Pinkett Smith fights tears when she remembers the mother's abuse at home

Eda Pinkett Smith fought with tears as she discussed the domestic abuse her mother had suffered from her father's hands.

American actress Pinkett Smith, the wife of Hollywood star Will Smith, sat down with her mother Adrienne Benfield-Jones and her daughter, Willow Smith, 18, on the final episode of her Facebook series entitled "Domestic Abuse : When love turns purple.

At the beginning of the episode, Pinkett Smith, 47, discovered that she was aware that her parents had a "very violent relationship" and as a child she noticed scars on her mother's body.

Edda Pinkett Smith is married to Hollywood actor Will Smith. (Anthony Devlin / PA)

One, on the back of Banfield-Jones, was caused by her late husband, Robsol Pinkett, throwing her over the railing, she said.

He also left her with a black eye after he had gone wild with a drunk rage, her mother recalled.

Benfield told Jones how her mother warned her of her future husband when she first met him and said, "You have to get away from this guy because I see in his eyes that something is wrong with him.

Benfield and Jones then remembered the incident that caused her to leave her husband, who died in 2010.

She and I were at Mom and Dad's house, and he came there and he (he was) urinated on something, I do not even remember what the argument was, but he started hitting me and he He was furious.

"I left Daddy's warehouse in the master bedroom and you're still in the study.

"And I said, Oh God, we left Jada and I knew he would not hurt you, he left the room to take you, and I went through the bedroom outside the main bathroom and down the stairs and across the street to the neighbor.

"Run across the street to the neighbor so they can call me and help me."

When the three women struggled with tears, Benfield-Jones said she realized the connection had ended when the police arrived.

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