Thursday , October 6 2022

Greg Wise and Karen Hauer come out when Adam Petty responds to Katya Jones ‘almost kissing’


Definitely let’s dance Greg Wise and Karen Hauer were selected when Adam Petty commented on ‘Almost Kissing’ Katya Jones.

Greg, 55, was sacked after a loss in a fascinating dance with Judy Love, after Judge Craig Craig, Motzi and Anton voted to save the loose woman.

Meanwhile, the stars Adam and Katya have sparked infamous “cursing” rumors after their enthusiastic appearance.

Fans took to Twitter after being convinced the duo almost ‘kissed’ during the Argentine tango that stopped the show.

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  • Strict business?

    Fans are desperate for both of these.

    They also think it is possible to despair of John and Johannes one after the other that they are close to the set.

  • Strict gossip

    So … Adam Petty erupted into rumors about his upcoming kiss with Katya Jones.

    The 26-year-old Olympic swimmer has warned that there are “consequences in real life” after the embarrassing moment in last night’s live performance.

  • Definitely off

    Greg Wise became the third celebrity to be fired from the show after losing in a dance against Judy Love.

    Judge Craig, Motzi and Anton voted to save Judy.

    Chief Justice Shirley said she would have rescued Greg who “had fewer mistakes.”

  • Friends for life?

    Um, doubt it.

    Fans think this is the last thing Greg saw in Karen.

  • FEUD rumors

    Fans still think there is a rift between Karen and Greg.

    It started when they sat miles apart during It Takes Two.


    But we will not forget.

    Fans paid tribute to the heartbreaker who voted tonight.

    One wrote: “Greg, you always gave everything well and there were a few moments during the competition where you shone. Well done for everything you and Keren achieved in your meticulous journey.”


    Fans are happy that the judges chose to keep Judy inside.

    One tweeted: “It was not easy to save #judilove #StrictlyComeDancing”.

  • Out of Grigg

    Love his sincerity.

    He’s not sure if he will dance again.

    Oh go ahead. If only to see those thighs go again.

  • Hero

    Fans love how intense and vulnerable Judy is.

    Score time!


    Do you see how much fun he had during the ‘Save Me’ dance?

    These thighs do not lie.

  • A match made in heaven

    Fans noticed how close Johannes and John were as well.

    Look at how they support each other right now.

    John literally leans on his Johannes!

  • Lessons for GIO

    Fans love the partnership between Rose and Jiu.

    Look how she teaches him sign language. Stunning.

  • Not great for Grigg

    Emma Thompson’s husband is at a dance.



    Watch him dance to nerve-wracking music and hit the air as he succeeds with Rouge ‘his perfect partner’.

  • OOH decision time

    Whose dance is it?

    Not Tom and Amy!

  • Ad stop

    On the BBC?

    Fans were not impressed with this plug for their new dance dating show.

    One wrote: “Posting an ad in the middle of a BBC program? Gross.”

  • good life

    Is Westlife Aging Backwards?

    Shane and the boys look so young.

  • A look at love

    But Tilly and Nikita …

    These constant glances …

    Just saying!

  • Justice for Judy

    Fans fear she is in the bottom two again.

  • Chemistry on tap

    Have you seen Katya blame her new chemistry with a man on the judges?

    During her conversation with Claudia she said the judges asked them to show more chemistry.

    Well, they definitely ticked that box.

  • Judy is dancing again

    Ahh thanks Craig.

    It will be up to his random 4 score, then!

  • Chemistry was rejected

    Have you seen a person be careful not to hold on to Katya for long when they have passed?

    Have you seen how palpable she is as a hand on a person’s chest?

    All eyes are on them now.

  • It’s time

    Oh this music annoys me.

    Who will be in the dance?

    Shock, Adam and Katya stay!

  • Strict leakage

    Fans are convinced that the person leaving the show has already been leaked.

    They begged the BBC to do something about it, week in and week out.

  • dramatic

    Well this is definitely one of the ways to describe the tango of a man, flying.

    Steaming … sensual … are other words she could have chosen.

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