Saturday , October 23 2021

He fought the trial – and he won


During the short pocket of what we can read the saga Morris from Kiev, the second part of Wistelbauer: The Story of Maurice from Kiev (RTE One, Tuesday, 9.35) allows us to see his drama through the eyes of a child.

This perspective belongs to Tom McCabe, Morris's younger son, as related to his mother, Lorraine. Like many of us, Tom watched the final stages of his father's distress and his absolute righteousness on television. "Is he on Dad's side?" He would ask his mother about any new character in the charges, the revelations, the accusations, and the interrogations. "Is he good or bad?"

This is the question. It's incredibly hard, but somehow, literally, the story of McCabe is fascinating precisely because there is almost childish simplicity under his narrative. He places a noble man on a filthy institution, matching a figure of morality and stubbornness with corrupt efforts to discredit him. Tom is right. To peel off politics – if such a thing was possible – and it really is a story of good versus bad, basic as a folk tale. Fortunately, one with a good ending.

Never refer to evil what can be explained by inefficiency, which the Hannon hair may say

In the second part of their comprehensive and intimate documentary, the RTE journalist Katie Hannon and director Meir Kearney continue at the pace of Macabas – Record time Special detailing the slander campaign harassing him.

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