Saturday , October 23 2021

Influenza vaccination delays for over 65s "solved by the weekend"


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GPs and patients are frustrated by the lack of a new flu vaccine for over 65s stating that the final delivery batch will arrive by Saturday.

NHS England said there would be enough vaccinations for everyone to be protected for the winter.

However, doctors said additional guidelines should be given to doctors and patients to prevent disruption of stages of delivery in stages.

Older adults are advised to get the flu jar in early December.

This gives time for protection before the flu starts to turn around, usually later in the month.

However, continuous supply of supplies of over 65 vaccine from the manufacturer Sqirus to GPs and pharmacies means some older patients have failed to vaccinate.

Canceled appointments

In a survey of 650 Pulse Doctors, nearly 70% said that there was a flu vaccine shortage in their practice.

This means they could not vaccinate as many adult patients as they would like.

Some doctors said they had to cancel meetings while others said it created staffing problems.

But a spokesman for the NHS England said that this week, "100% of vaccines will be delivered by the manufacturer to those operations and pharmacists who deposited in time."

"So the public can be assured that there is enough supplies of vaccine stock for everyone to get protected for the winter."

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The new vaccine is the best way to protect adults against influenza strains

Dr. Richard Wattry, chairman of the GP committee at the British Medical Association (BMA), said it was not easy for the GP.

"As practices begin planning next year, the NHS England should learn lessons from the disruption seen in recent weeks.

"Proper notice and guidance to all drivers must be given long before the order period, to allow both practices and manufacturers to ensure that there are no additional supply problems for next year.

"Improving public information will also be beneficial," he said.

"The best defense against the flu"

UK public health said that the vaccine against the Andge Flu and Bentant, which is designed to help the immune system of older people fight the flu, was worth.

Dr. Mary Ramsay, director of immunization at PHE, said: "We encourage all adults to have a meeting with their family doctor or pharmacist in early December, before the flu begins to spread later in the month.

"However, it is always worth getting vaccinated even if it is later in winter – it's the best defense we have against an unexpected virus."

The new flu vaccine is also available over 65s in Wales and Northern Ireland.

In Scotland, it is available only over 75s.

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