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Interview Monday: What recruiters look for resumes


How we work and how the work is perceived is changing at a dizzying pace, but how things will never change, Maureen Lynch, the international recruitment company Hayes, relates Padreig was enlightened.

It does not seem long ago that Maureen Linz of Hayes Ireland sent the company's first resume in an email, in an age when fax, mail, and newspaper section jobs still dominated the restaurant.

"Work fundamentals have not changed, it's about finding great people for our customers and finding the right opportunity for candidates.

It looks almost revolutionary in the industry when Ms. Lynch, Joined Hays Ireland in 2000.

Born in Ballyvourney he is now the Irish business manager of the recruitment company, which employs 7,800 employees in 245 offices across 33 countries.

How we work and how perceived work may change at a fast pace, but some things will never change, Ms. Lynch said.

"I came to 20 years with Hays and when I joined, how did you have a resumes to the customer was by message or fax.I turned to Hayes by fax, and I was the first to send resumes by email out of the office. However, what we always say within our business is that the fundamentals of work have not changed. It's about finding great people for our clients and is still on finding a suitable opportunity for candidates, "she says.

She says Artificial Intelligence (AI), which developed five years ago, is almost common today.

No one knew what the blockchain technology was five years ago, but it is actually common now, she notes, adding that personal skills and not just technical skills still matter most.

"AI will be able to do a lot, but who can understand the nuances, how it works will be critical.We are talking about race (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), but it has passed Steam (adding art) because of the art of creativity technology and science. Who can think differently, with different personalities, who can lead teams – soft skills will be really important in the future. "

If you look at jobs in the future, no one can say exactly what they are going to be but some traditional roles will stand the test of time, according to Ms. Lynch.

Two that are quite sure plumbers and electricians. This is because every building is different. One of our biggest areas that we recruit is construction and property

"After 2008, the entire industry collapsed and we lost a lot of skills in the world as well as those who moved from engineers to the IT world, many of them will never return to construction, and together with the engineers Ireland and other organizations emphasized that once the economy starts again, lack ".

This means changing perceptions of so-called traditional transactions and more. "A third level is not for everyone." Some people are very eager to go to work – this is how you are trained to be an accountant in the past.

"A university or third-level colleges are one thing, but people can also practice a lot of apprenticeships in the apprenticeship program, it's starting to happen here, and it's great.

"The greatest impact is the parents – statistically, it is the mother who has the greatest influence on what careers a child will choose, and the parent is very influential," she says.

In the technology world that is still dominated by men, women will become increasingly important in future leadership jobs.

This will be about smart recruitment, according to Ms. Lynch.

We found women programmed if we could not do 80% of what the job specification says, we probably will not apply. A man, if he can make 40% to 50%, probably will apply. There are also masculine words and feminine words in consciousness. We recommend that our clients check their ads and ask if they are speaking a male language that may make a woman a woman

"We would challenge our customers to see if they really needed the merit in their ad to do the job?

Or is it something you can practice?

We talk a lot about hiring access and training the skill. We are all part of this picture. Customers going around with lists of characteristics and not aware of can be except for some very good people. "

Back & lynch Notes that the gender balance in recruitment has been on the agenda for some time.

"You have organizations like 30% club trying to advance it, and the public sector has been focused on it for some time.We need to support women to put themselves forward.When women put themselves forward, they do very well to profit from this promotion, and contribute much added value There are compelling evidence that women do very well compared to their male counterparts. "

She says men and women are different but the differences are helpful when they work together.

"The balance is good, we have to accept it, diversity in all areas, disability, multiculturalism, LGBT – that's what affects the share price.

"Diversity and generalization are what impress investors now, they know that diversified organizations will be more successful and that's Vivi to put their money there," Ms. Lynch said. Says.

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