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Mercedes-Benz C-Class has a feeling, intellect – Oman


The new look of the C-Class is specifically defined by its front exterior and the design of the front headlights and tail lights.

In the new version, the AMG-Line includes the radiator grille of the diamond as standard. The front joints were redesigned for all lines. These new designs render the exclusive exterior even more expressive and lend the exterior avant-garde a more dynamic character. The front bumper includes a chromium-chrome strip (combined with the Avantarde exterior) or three-piece chromium trim strip (exclusive exterior). Along with the AMG exterior line, the AMG sports car front apron with new geometry at the rear insert the diffuser appearance comes in a new design. The rear bumper on the sedan has a new low section; The geometry, trim and trim tailpipe vary depending on the equipment selected and the engine variant.

The design of the front and rear lamps is defined by clear contours. Details are beautifully designed to add highlights to emphasize the modern character. C-Class comes with high performance LED flashlights featuring ultra-pure interior design. For the first time in this model series, Multibeam LED flashlights with ultra high beam range are available in addition (see below for details).

The color spectrum was expanded by the addition of silver metallic and green-metallic silver.

The sporty interior exudes class, featuring flowing forms and a new interpretation of modern luxury.

The central console is characterized by smooth and elegant edges. It is available in open pores-brown walnut or open pores in anthracite oak. 3D real wood veneer center console that combines a handmade character with a modern feel. Magma gray / black are a new face, plus a saddle barrel for the AMG interior line.

The start-go function is standard. The Start / Stop button comes in a new turbine design. The vehicle key also features a new design. Customers can choose between three variants here: Black with a glossy chrome surround, white with chrome surround or glossy white with chrome surround matt.

The Seat Multicontour Package is new. With this package, side supports and lumbar support can be individually customized using an electric driven pneumatic pump. The lumbar massage effect is provided by air cells which are inflated and inflated with a pulsating motion or as a wave when the function is turned on. The pneumatic functions of the seat are operated by the multimedia system.

The C-Class adopts the display concept of the current S-Class, with a fully optional digital display that offers the three different display styles & classic sports, And 'Advanced'.

The basic model includes a classic cluster of two pipes. Between the tubes should be a 5.5-inch color display (resolution: 383 x 600 pixels). The display style here is 'Classic'.

The full digital device display is available as an option. The screen has a 12.3 inch diagonal and offers a high resolution of 1920 x 720 pixels. The innovative screen design offers the three very different display styles and classic sports. And 'Advanced'. Styles can be quickly replaced according to personal taste or to match the selected interior. Along with certain menu items, such as travel or consumption data, the driver can now view the navigation display data or the ECO display in the device cluster. The latter supports the driver in adopting fuel-efficient driving style.

The multimedia screen over the center console is also available in two sizes. Combined with 20 audio it has a seven inch diagonal screen at a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. Here, too, the display style is 'classic'.

Along with audio 20, a 16: 9 high-resolution central display is available for the first time, with a 10.25-inch diagonal screen at a resolution of 1920 x 720 pixels (standard combined with an optional command system). As an instrument cluster, a selection of three display styles is also available here. The sophisticated presentation mode lets you display the information displayed intuitively, with clear, informative graphics that accompanies the text information under the menu item & # 39; Car & # 39 ;, for example.

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