Monday , October 25 2021

Online petition wants to "extinguish" this shelter for animals in Dublin as it is "not suitable for purpose"


It is claimed that they "have laid non-aggressive and healthy dogs in the past two years and are getting worse"

Concerns have been raised about sheltering animals in Dublin for claims that he neglects animals in her care.

A petition on the Internet states that she wants to "shut down" Ashton Dog Pound at Castleknock.

The petition – which can be found – states that:

Ashton Dog Pound is in Dublin, Ireland, where many dogs stay there with their own feces without food or water and cold cells without bedding. Even Ashton Dog Pound has put unhealthy dogs in the last two years and is still getting worse.

This has been happening for years, and something must be done for these fossil animals who just want to be loved and nurtured. Most people who visit Ashton Dog Pound have the same reaction that this place should be closed.

The dogs also remain uneducated and have unbroken nails. This is not a place for any animal, the people who work here do not love these animals and just care about having a "job".

The video was posted on Facebook which shows a dog dog working for a dog Ashton and dragging a dog violently by the neck and throwing it into the vehicle. A woman spent hours trying to save the neglected dog and was told to calm down after being hysterically involved in the way the dog was treated. Is this really the way to treat animals? If that's how guards treat dogs while the public sees them, imagine how dogs are treated when no one is watching.

It's been happening long enough and we all have to do something for these poor animals. I know that not everyone can adopt a dog because of circumstances, but please at least sign the petition. It would be so much for every dog ​​lover and every dog ​​Ashton Pound dog. Let's take all these dogs for the love and care they deserve.


The petition has already received nearly 9,000 signatures at the time of writing and has a target of 10,000.

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