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Robert's special woodwork matches the president


President Michael D. Higgins with the tree that had become the gift of Robert O'Connor
President Michael D. Higgins with the tree that had become the gift of Robert O'Connor

Robert O'Connor, a craftsman in Wexford County, was recently honored when he was invited to prepare a special piece for the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins.

President Higgins, who was recently elected to a second term, was presented with the detailed work when he participated in the European Young Science Award in Dublin recently.

The section of the presentation entitled "The Stones of Ireland" was influenced by the ancient stone walls of Ireland, which can still be seen in many rural areas.

Robert, owner of O'Connor Woodworking's studio in Gori, said he was pleased with the committee, and it was a great privilege for him to create the President's wooden statue.

"The work was right for Michael D. Higgins when he grew up on a ranch in Clare County, where the stone walls are so common, a huge amount of hours has come into the final product and we hope the president will boast in terms of ownership and involvement."

Referring to the creative process, Robert said: "The piece was rolled into a flat piece of ashlar and the stone wall was hewn into the inside and the soup on the outer edge, it was charred, baked and colored.

"We were happy with the result and we hope President Higgins will enjoy it and appreciate it," Connor Woodturning Studio is a member of the Wexford Kraft Tribe, a group of more than 20 vessel businesses in Wexford County, a member of Shivley and Kesford, which has a network of over 90 members On five routes: Wexford Craft Trail, Wexford Heritage Trail, Wexford Walking Trail, Wexford Garden and Wexford Trail.

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